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Signal Integrity, Transmission Lines courses

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Nov 18, 2005
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someone knows about signal integrity, transmission lines courses that can attend ?
Need for coupling impedances of instruments with chips through transmission lines, and knowledge about test techniques.

I've found Gigatest and BetheSignal courses but this last is just on-line.

any idea of signal integrity courses given in some site ? Need for characterize RFICs either on-wafer or doing coupling through traces to SMC connectors.



There are couple of good presentations available at the below mentioned website...

Signal Integrity Modeling of High Speed Analog Nets: Cross-Domain Simulation at the Chip, Package, and Board Levels
It is important that the behavior of the critical analog nets be accurately predicted as the chip, package, and board are being designed. The designer is faced with the task of a "cross-domain“ modeling problem, where the interconnect must be designed in different technologies concurrently. In this seminar, I show a specific example of an output signal from a power amplifer going from the chip, through bondwires onto the package, and then to the system board. The designer corrects for package mismatches by placing a capacitor on the board. Simulations incorporate the effects of the entire path. The example will be used to demonstrate layout and simulation in cross-domain technologies and the proper configuration of the setup files.

[The slides and notes are available to our Customers in KB Article #170771]

Advanced Interconnect Modeling Technology in Microwave Office(R) and Analog Office™
Accurate interconnect modeling is critical at board, package, and chip levels. Traditional interconnect models have shortcomings that can lead to serious errors in the prediction of system performance. In this seminar, the attendee will see a number of advanced interconnect models to overcome the limitations of traditional methods. Topics include: Inet™ technology, X models, and electromagnetic simulation technology as applied to interconnect models.

[The slides and notes are available to our Customers in KB Article #166450]



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Signal ignal Integrity ntegrity
Issues Due to Ground Bounce


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