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Setting source value as an integration of other value over a fixed amount time?

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Sep 27, 2018
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Hi, I am now creating a model in Cadence with some "memory effect", and wish to have some help.

I want to set a voltage source value as an integration of another value. I want the integration time to be from a fixed amount of time ago to any transient time now. Can anybody please advise how I can do this? Thanks!


what about the obvious thing? --> use an integrator.

There are several ways to do this. Just do an internet search.

In detail:
* I don´t know what "memory effect" means here.
* I don´t know what help you need
* I don´t know what "another value" means here
* What is it with timing setup at all?

A voltage source can be anything from millivolts, to kilovolts, AC, DC, picoamperes to kiloamperes, from picoseconds to years, one quadrant to four quadrants.

I´m sure you get better replies if you give us at least some hints (in numbers with units) what you want to achieve.


You might find it most efficient to break the simulation into
two pieces since simulations always start from "now" (t=0).

The "history" could be one simulation and the history-
based result, a second.

In the break, you could (say) cause a result to be printed,
manipulate that result into an initialization-of-variable
file, and then have your "now to future" segment read
that as part of its setup.

Of course that's a dance that is difficult to get through the
GUI, and you might end up needing Ocean scripting for
Cadence, or SPICE / shell scripting in some combo for
other platforms.

I used to have to do this a lot when I was working on laser
trimmed analog parts. Became -much- more difficult when
Cadence dropped cdsSpice (great yet simple filesystem
access) for Spectre ("Command language? What's a command
language? We don't need no steenkin' command language!
Oh, all right, here's Ocean, you whiney bastards, enjoy the

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