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Sending data via power line ( distance 2 or 3 kilometers )

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Jan 15, 2008
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Hi all,

I will use PLC ( Power Line Communication ) for remote control . I must use power cable ( 220 Vac ).

There are many PLC modules and IC's . But all pruduct support sending very big data ( 1-5 Mbps ).

But i need to transfer only one bit data.

Is there any simple methode for it.

I will send only on/off data over there 2 or 3 kilometers via power cable.

Thank you all.

hallo which controller you are using for these purpose

I'm not sure you will achieve 2-3km range with PLC devices, which are typically designed for use within a house.

Also, these PLC modules cause a large amount of interference to many devices which use radio, as power lines were never designed to carry high data rates and so much of the energy is radiated - they act like a giant antenna.

If you only need to send a 1-bit signal (on/off), perhaps you could use a relatively cheap pair of walkie-talkie type radios (maybe with a directional antenna or mounted as high as possible). Wire your input signal to the transmit switch for "on", and on the receiving end, it shouldn't be hard to find a signal which goes high when the radio receives (probably the power to the audio amplifier will be switched on). That would give you your on/off signal.

As said before, sending for a distance of 2-3Km heavily depends on the line condition. Yamar Electronics have PLC products that convert UART to PLC so it enables you to send any amount of data bytes that you need and not restrict you to any specific protocol. It is mainly for DC Power lines but can also be interfaced to AC lines.
For more information either PM me or check Multiplex power line communication transceivers for vehicle harness network.

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