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sending data from microcontroller to a pc using LAN

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May 24, 2006
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sending data from microcontroller to pc

hi 2 ALL
its my 2nd post for same problem .......
may be my last post was not understendable so here is my question agin:)
i want to send my microcontorller data to remote pc both connected in same lan.
what is the best way to do ?? is that necesery to create embeded web server in microontroller ??
suppose if i dont use browser to veiw that data but use WIN SOCKS in VB and some how microcontroller simpply sends updates after one second on predefined port and ip.....
and in case of any settings my VB program send that settings to microcontroller to its IP..
hope every one undrsted what i want this time
ne help regarding this very help ful to me

sending data from microcontroller through c

I don't know the answer, but quite interesting topic.

BTW, what language are you using with the Microcontroller?

I dont kow why you reposted the same question

you use serial coms from the micro to a driver that talks to lan on an ip

the problem is that a micro
has to build the whole ip stack and lan handler
before it can use lan exclusivly

so use serial to lan driver

then coms.. is very much easier

if you want to learn how lans guts work your going the right way

a tip is set up the drivers for serial
its no matter if the software times out
the driver remains ... active as set

so... download it and give it a try
look in your other post


thx Eugen_E
i have viste your links.... it much helpful to me.
but wht in case of it cost much. there are so maney other SBC like from rabit pro etc. but i thinking what it i implement some thing with Ethernet interface chip RTL8019AS wih pic micro and use UDP protocol .... coz wht i thnik its easy to emplement , as my system is in same lan data ACK is not necessery....or it can achive with some fixed packet 2 way communication???? any body hav any idea pls coment thx in advance

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funnynypd said:
I don't know the answer, but quite interesting topic.

BTW, what language are you using with the Microcontroller?

im using C with CSS compilers for pic micro.....
if u like this idea then pls dig some thing on net with me ;) it will useful for both...

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