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Selecting the right accelerometer

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Jul 10, 2015
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I need help in selecting the right accelerometer for my project.
I will be using the accelerometer for tilt sensing, motion detection and tap sensing. I have found three accelerometers which can be used.
2)Analog Devices:ADXL344
3)ST microelectronics:LISDH12
I want to know which three of them will be best for my application or should I select any other alternative.

Filter and signal processing requirements are conflicting for all 3 functions necessary for DC tilt , gyroscope rate motion and tap impulse detection. A touchscreen is often preferred for tap sensing which are very short levels of contact pressure, wheras tilt or relative XYZ position is the 2nd integral of acceleration down to DC.

Can you define the processing power available?

i suspect tilt and shake sensors are slow (<10Hz) and may not have the bandwidth to detect a tap impulse in the >1KHz range, shorter than tilt BW, but I'm not sure unless it has peak and hold detection to compare with average sensor capacitance.

These are tradeoffs for parallel signal processing, which might be simple in end solution such as analog detection of impulse taps and digital lookup tables for tilt and rate motion.

I will be giving power to my board using a 3V coin cell battery. Therefore I am looking for a low power solution. Tilt detection and motion detection are more important. its ok if tap detection cannot be done. Please suggest one of the ICs I had mentioned or any other alternative for my application.

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