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SATCOM interference caused by a power generator??

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May 6, 2011
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Can a power generator be causing signal interference with a satcom link? This is a 150kVA generator running at 60Hz and is located 20 feet away from a satcom antenna that transmits on 295.275 and receives on 261.675. I did not have this problem until the generator was relocated to its current location. Do I need to look at relocating the generator or antenna to a new location, and if so how far a way must the two be separated? Thanks for the help.

Now depends how good (or bad) the generator is.
I used 2kW power generator placed about 10 feet away from a very sensitive VHF/UHF radio station, and there were no interferes.

It may be difficult problem. Satcom receivers are often more sensitive to interference than other receivers.
I would advise the following steps:
1. First if possible, try another generator. Have the generator supplier repair it or serviced.
2. Check the generator metal cover for loose parts. Check the power cable connectors and cable itself. It should be screened or grounded at the generator as well as at the station.
3. Check satcom station grounding and tightness on all covers. Check receiver cabling. Check the antenna, mainly its reflector.
4. Try to use a shield to protect your antenna from possible interference: for ~260 MHz, the shield can be made of chicken-wire mesh. Only find the mesh with welded joints. Try to place the interfering generator "behind" the antenna which must point to a satellite.

How does this interference show its self?, Could it be coming down the mains?, Can you get the generator operator to run the generator on and off load?. Could the interference come from what ever the generator is feeding?

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