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RF transmitter and receiver IC

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Dec 26, 2005
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mouser rf transmitter 433mhz

I know it is such a stupid question but I really need help.

I'm going to build a microcontroller net, a wireless with rf. but I do not have a any experience with RF circuit so I decide to use IC instead of design a circuit. The problems is that, I know no rf transmitter and receiver ic.

Can anyone help to introduce me some ic ?:cry:

receiver ic

There are special modules available in market which run on 315 Mhz or 433 Mhz. U can use them.
this link would be a lot useful to u.

**broken link removed**

these Rx & Tx modules would directly connect to RXD and TXD pins of ur micro-controller.

And there's nothing like stupid , in asking any question :D

rf receiver ic

Thanks for helping,

The problem is that, I'm currently not in USA. In my country, there are no such kind of module or chip in market, so I have to ship it from singapore. So chip is the best solution for me at this moment.

Once again, thanks for helping.

rf transmitter ic

maybe this transiever ic something for you.
have a look at attachment.

it can be ordered at


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Thanks all for helping,

To phoenixdk:
Yes, that is what exactly I'm seeking for. Don't be angry, I just ask, Is there any other series of this kind of IC? Just for a wide range of selection.

Any way, thanks

The have many RF modules to chose from including several very tiny (size of a quarter) modules that can be reflowed. They also have bluetooth modules.

if i rember correct , there are a couple of other models from them, you might go to and have a look.

i found another series of transievers, that might be somehing for you


go to this link:
**broken link removed**
they have a variety of ICs for your reuirments.

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