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RF Microwave Tools part 1 - part 64

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Apr 25, 2001
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microwave path profiles calculator free download

Diode Model Parameter Extraction from Manufacturers' Data Sheets

PIN Diode Model Parameter Extraction from Manufacturers' Data Sheets
Displays RF power and voltage realtions
Either an AC network analysis or RF design tool
Phase-locked loop designer
Wireless RF Performance Evaluator fo WIN3.11
Single/multilayer coil designer
Radio Propagation Calculator
Radio-frequency design program

Basic source text file for new FCC RF Safety guidelines
RF CAE Tools
RF design tools
RF / IF Bandpass filter circuit & coil design program
Smith-chart program

radialwg.m is a MATLAB program that calculates the losses in a radial waveguide as a function of radial distance. Needs MATLAB ver4.0 or later
In this MATHCAD7 file, Betty Boop demonstrates low pass, high pass, bandpass and band notch filtering algorithms based on raised cosine transfer functions in the frequency domain. These may be applied to both real and complex (e.g. I+jQ) time sampled data. A simple cosine based window function is also included to demonstrate amplitude resolution improvement when slightly non periodic signals are processed. Uploaded by the author, Ian Scott.
This program is written to provide an ease in the quasi-static analysis/synthesis of SYMMETRIC CPS lines based on conformal mapping method. It is able to take care the finite thickness of the dielectric used and provides the option of including the effect of metallization thickness.
Arpeggio is an advanced Time-Domain Full-Wave Electromagnetic simulator. It solves the Maxwell Equations in time domain and find the desired frequency quantities via Fourier Transform.

A tool created to assist RF designers in making fast and accurate calculations for all essential capacitor performance parameters.

This software calculates exact resistor values for PI, Tee, and balanced networks. Uploaded by James Phelps Jr.

This program calculates the number of turns needed for a given inductance.
Coil calculator

EasySpan for Windows can store, display and manipulate spectrum analyzer data from a variety of IFR products. The software serves as an excellent documentation tool for many applications.
Convenient collection of engineering equations, conversions and references. Math tables, standard resistor values, periodic table, SAE & metric bolts, solder types, filter equations, coax cable specifications and many more. Over 150 windows. Uploaded by Kirt Blattenberger, the copyright owner.

This Windows?based Microwave Transmission Lines software guides the design and ordering process. The exact component type, waveguide size, flange types, component dimensions, operating frequency band, and finish can be specified with point-and-click options. Each product is pictured on screen and diagrammed for your reference. Each rectangular waveguide component and its flanges are identified by a type number that is automatically created as you specify how each section should be configured. Last updated on 22 March 22, 1999.

It will analyze multilayer transmission lines using the quasi-static variational technique.

TOWAIR may be queried based on a specific set of coordinates, elevation and overall height criteria to calculate whether an antenna structure under 60.9 meters (200 feet) will penetrate the slope for nearby airports.

A utility that draws Bode frequency response plots.

Gauge calibration and GRER (repeatability and reproducability) software.

This software calculates the attenuation or insertion loss of Andrew HELIAX coaxial cables.

This software package is a fast, easy system which guides users to the best choices for EMI shielding/grounding and thermal interface materials among thousands of Chomerics products.
Calculation of Intermodulation Products up to 5th Order. Uploaded by Fritz Dellsperger.

This program calculates all IntMod's by frequency.

An impedance matching calculator. You specify the real and imaginary values for the source and load, specify the frequency of interest, and LCMatch calculates all possible two element matching networks, (LC, CL, CC, LL).

PC board designer and line simulatorzip
Mathcad: resonance
Calculates resonant frequency of a housing partiall filled with a dielectric material. Uploaded by the author, Evan Kurtz.

This program calculates mixer intermodulation products upto 5th order and displays graph in amplitude vs. frequency. Use the amplitude level as a guide instead of absolute spec. The program is written in Microsoft Excel 97. Last updated in March 2000

MultiMatch is a software package which allows you to design state-of-the-art, first-time-right RF and microwave amplifiers (class A, B) in an integrated environment. MultiMatch microLite is a lumped-element impedance-matching utility (limited to three elements maximum).

Lotus 1-2-3 worksheet to calculate the path of a microwave.

This program calculates path loss.
The PowerAnalyst plots and saves Voltage, Current, Power, Vars, Phase Angle, Distortion, Frequency, Volt-Amperes, and Power Factor.
Receiver Simulator
In addition to being a tool for the design of communications receivers, this program might be useful as a tutorial on some of the aspects of receiver design; it includes explanations and definitions that are probably more detailed than the average user might require. This program should run under Windows '95, or later. Manual in .doc is included. Uploaded by the author in August 2000.
Receiver Workbook
Cascade budget calculation spreadsheet for MS Excel. Complete parameter specification including Gain, NF, IP2, IP3, NBW, VSWR, Temperature, Tolerances. Predefined graphs for all parameters, parts list, DC power budget, A/D converter calculations. Uploaded by Kirt Blattenberger, the copyright owner. Updated in August '98. RF Cascade Workbook, an enhanced version of Receiver Workbook is also available for download on the site.
RF Cascade Workbook
RF Cascade Workbook is a comprehensive set of tools for calculating cascaded parameters using advanced features of the MS Excel spreadsheet program. Extensive stage-by-stage calculations, graphing of min/nom/max values, and numerous calculators makes this an indispensable tool for the RF system designer. Uploaded by Kirt Blattenberger, the copyright owner.
RF Match Graphic Impedance Calculator Version 6
This graphic impedance calculator can be
used to match sources to loads with networks made with impedances, inductors, capacitors, transmission lines, stubs and transformers.
RF Project Workbook features MS Excel worksheets for project scheduling (Gantt Chart style), parts lists and procurement tracking, and system power supply requirements. Uploaded by Kirt Blattenberger, the copyright owner.
RF System Calculator
This is a excel spreadsheet that analyzes cascaded stages in Receivers and Transmitters. The cascade analysis includes Noise Figure, Gain, intercept point, power input/output, SNR (in a given bandwidth), etc. A main signal can be present as well as a pair of interfering signals for analyzing off-channel IM3 rejection simultaneously. Simple AGC functionality is included. Updates are available at **broken link removed**. Uploaded by the author, Lance Lascari.

An impedance calculator for RF design engineers.

Several RF CAE Tools
RFPROP Version 1.03
A Windows propagation calculator for the transmission path between an RF transmitter and a receiver. It is aimed mainly at free-space and space-wave applications, such as are encountered in VHF, UHF and microwave communications, and also in satellite communications. Updated June 24 1998.

A program for Broadcast Engineers. Inculdes utilities for antenna design, frequency analysis, and circuit design.
Smith Chart impedance matching program. Starting with any complex load impedance, select any type of matching network, choose a component value(s), then the program will list your new impedance.
Smith Chart
Advanced Smith Chart with S-Parameter import/export, stability-, gain- and noise-, Q- and VSWR-circles. Last updated in July 2000. Uploaded by Prof. F. Dellsperger.

Smith Charting with Stability and Noise Circles
It charts stability and noise circles.

Sonnet Lite
Sonnet Lite is based on the proven Sonnet em?Suite which is providing EM analysis to hundreds of companies across the globe. Many major manufacturers of high-frequency components and boards depend on Sonnet to analyze their predominantly planar high-frequency designs from 1 MHz through several THz.

Spectra is a FREE software package which allows you to view the spectral content of any time based data sequence. Spectra uses a Discrete Fourier Transform algorithm to convert time data into discrete frequency data, and then scales the discrete frequency data to generate the magnitude and phase of the frequency spectrum. &
A breakthrough for simulation and analysis of RF and microwave circuits. Providing both linear and nonlinear circuit simulation, Spectre/XL uses an enhanced harmonic balance algorithm to accurately analyze circuits that are "too tough for SPICE".
Spectre/XL for MS Excel 5.0--->
Spectre/XL for MS Excel 7.0--->
Spur Search

SPview 1.20
SPview is an S-Parameter toolset for RF and Microwave engineering. With built in GPIB capabilities, it can capture data directly from Vector Network Analysers and produce S-parameter files compatible with all major simulators. Built in charting and data manipulation features enable faster circuit design, the 2-port functions charts are particularly useful for amplifier designers often removing several measure/simulate cycles.
Version 1.20 now includes built in time domain reflectometry (TDR) functions to post process S-parameter data into distance to fault charts, a new VSWR chart, the ability to merge data files, quick capture mode and an updated interface. Last updated in July 2000.

Trans-Tech Resonator and Coax Design Program
Transmission Line Calculator
Analysis/Synthesis of various transmission line structures. Uploaded by Fritz Dellsperger

Windows-based CAD and Transtech parts selector guides for dielectric resonators.
ViPEC-2.00/LineCalc for Windows

WaveFormer Pro v4.0
It is the first EDA tool to incorporative Interactive Simulation (HIS) technology.

vipec-static-1_07_tar.tar & &
ViPEC is a powerful tool for the analysis of high frequency, linear electrical networks. It takes a text based description of the electrical network and an analysis is performed in the frequency domain. The output is in the form of 2-port parameters (S, Y or Z) with results presented on a user defined grid and Smithchart. It can also be used to compute the input and output impedance/admittance as well as amplifier stability factors (Linvill & Stern).
vipec-static-1_07_tar.tar(ViPEC for Linux) for Windows 95) for Windows)

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microwave tools

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ifr easyspan software

THey are too old. you can try mw0.

matlab code in rf, microwave engineering

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tdr impedance calculator s parameter circuit

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ifr easyspan

Can you tell me the latest topics in Antenna design

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