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[SOLVED] RF 433.92 rx and tx problem

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Sep 17, 2011
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i am facing problem in using RF transmitter and receiver of 433.92 MHz
RWS-371 RF module series Wireless Hi Power Receiver module (RF ASk)
TWS-BS RF module series Wireless Hi Power transmitter module (RF ASk)

i am trying to transmit high/low pulse by connecting data in pin of transmitter to VCC/ground and by connecting LED to data out pin of receiver.
with same power supply of tx and rx, led glows at VCC and turns off when data in pin is connected to ground.
but with different power supplies the led continuously glows.
datasheet of tx and rx are attached

plz help


  • TWS-BS-3_433.92MHz_ASK_RF_Transmitter_Module_Data_Sheet.pdf
    291.7 KB · Views: 40
  • RWS-371-6_433.92MHz_ASK_RF_Receiver_Module_Data_Sheet.pdf
    258.6 KB · Views: 42

1) make sure there is a current limiting resistor in series with the external led
2) These ask receivers are very sensitive to noise--any noise. Also they do not work at all if overloaded (transmitter is too close). Finally, they are "tuned up" for a 4800 bps data rate--if you are too fast or too slow, the demodulator circuit has the wrong time constant and makes errors.

Try moving the tranmitter further away. Try putting a cap (10 uF) across the power supply leads. Try different data rates. Try modifying the demodulation circuitry time constant (r c values on the board). makes sure there is no other rf source anywhere in the room.

with same power supply the tx and rx were too near but working correctly
i want to first just send high or low voltage by connecting data in pin of tx to VCC or ground
how i can make changes in demodulation circuitry ???


it requires a bit stream to work properly that was i think problem it resolved when i used serial transmission and reception from Tx and Rx
though received was noisy but sufficient for my appilication


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