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Resources about RFID detector design

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Apr 6, 2002
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Can anyone help me to find resources about RF/ID detector design?

psoc rfid

Check in w*w*w.a/t/m\e\l.c*o*m

rfid detectors

You can use U2270 from A*mel or P4095 from E*Marin.
I used both of them and work fine.

rfid as a detector

I have in use the tms3705a from ti. You can find informations about this at h**p://w* In my opinion there are very few (free) information on the internet about this theme (you have almost always to sign NDA's before they give you details - and even then they give you only that information you are asking about - it's mystical...)
best regards

detector rfid

You"ll find lots of info at **broken link removed**
including examples and ASM code.

rfid chip detectors

xirix said:
You can use U2270 from A*mel or P4095 from E*Marin.
I used both of them and work fine.

Hi, I build the reader circuit in TK5552 AN.However I can not observe any signals in input or output pin of the u2270B.I can not find more information about the u2270.Do I have to write some data to transponder firstly?Can you draw me way for the procedures of transponder Tk5551/52 and u2270B please?

rfid detector circuit

I used u2270b (Temic) with EMMarin card (EM4001/2 compatible - 64 bit, read only) and it works; I didn't work with read/write cards.

rfid chip detector

Nice stuff here:

**broken link removed**

rfid detector schematic

Also check out microchip website, they have application notes and schematics for thier RF/ID products


how is the base station design?

rfid writer schematics

Philips HTRC110 chip for Hitag readers.

sonmicro rfid psoc

SONMicro ( offer the world's cheapest 125KHZ RFID Reader/Writer design.They give all information and schematic free and sell only the FULLY CUSTOMIZABLE programmed PSoC chip.

PSoC (Programmable Syetem on Chip) techology comes with Cypress Microsystems (

Because there are few external components and most building blocks are inside the chip , this is the most cost effective design for now.

rfid identity detector circuit

i have had some experience with these parts, check out re-active .co .uk

rfid writer htrc110 writing procedure

**broken link removed**
**broken link removed**

u2270 application note

It is not a simple 8 bit microcontroller , analog side is built in the chip.

rfid detector

Thanks for all the useful info here, can I pose a (probably) fundamental question?

I have a vehicle key (my only remaining one..) and would like to read all the info off the RFID TK5530 transponder to be able to program another transponder to make a spare key.

I know I could just order one from the manufacturer, but this way its now too interesting...

I can gather the Sonmicro reader/writer seems to be doing that, but since I dont know the Bitrate, Coding, ID-code length, sig or header info is it even possible that it could all be duplicated?

Thanks all in advance.

rfid schematic

They say are going to use RFID technology in stores now to replace barcodes. Can then someone then do other things?

With barcodes things are not easy to tamper with.

construir un detector rfid


Do you have asm code for the microcontroller to read manchester code from the U2270B IC. Can you tell me also where i can get the EMMarin Transponder card? I seems can't find it anywhere. Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks.

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