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Removing GPS boards limitations

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Apr 20, 2002
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I am interested in purchasing the board listed below (or a very similar one) for use in a current project. Upon reading the data sheets I discovered that It is limited in the following ways

Velocity 1852 km/h (514 m/sec.) (limited by US and Canadian export laws)
Acceleration 4 Gs (39.2 m/sec.2 ) Jerk: 2 m/sec.3

**broken link removed**

I dont really need to remove these limits, but I was curious as to how they are implimented (hardware or software) and if there is anyway to remove them.



suspect hardware

I would suspect from the restrictions being imposed by government regulations that they are built into the silicon so that other governments with unlimited financial abilities could not defeat them and use the modules in rockets. One easy way is to not have registers long enough to calculate the parameters higher than the limits and to take long enough to calculate the values so that the higher order derivatives could not be accurately calculated.


it is simple infact

take the current readings in lcd output format leaving the original and add an extrapalative eprom hardwired to the lcd byte

having the correct levitaion and exilation comfacetsI dont really need to remove these limits,

but I was curious as to how they are implimented (hardware or software)
and if there is anyway to remove them.
in the fpu for the device cpu
level 3 hardware fpu page error

intels > 486 chips pentium series have a level 5 fpu error so they are useless for serious cad unless you use two the same dual cpu

fpu level errors are a page of numbers {like a shape of sides 12345678

each is like old american indian form of notation {for multiply divide in diagonal rows of len}
offset at each 5th level per extraction level of fpu sub processing

they are put there to stop ufo enimy or potential threat to national security may i just also add mostly earth security since we all trust each other,.,.,.,.,.,.!!!!! fu...n

september the 11th being a prime example

the first thing that everyone does is
ey its of by sometimes 100 mile depending where you are

ohhhh does this mean they dont trust us

when they sell you it

so... it was fixed

in some places

:) it is a simple 8 bit encoded to the lcd buffer matrix built into every gps
the simple way is to monitor the taxi's gps it is perfect and requires a little freq change but hehe gota wake up early . . . . . me....! :roll:

infact 8 bits will do

take measure ments from grid works

gridworks is a mathematical program for giving true grid harmonics

the so called ethose of life

it is an app that expands to give faceted regional info on many resonant grids from simple 50 hz to complex air trafic grid arrays and facet views of the grids giving matric objects like triangnles squares circles{with the left overs as maths shells

of every facet of life.... or this is the guys tasks

ive read lots of his books

harmonic series inc 288 695 being the most notable in eda

and well worth tracking down to help your trig pymarid glow

a teca tactila all series pyrocuboid

from the transponder dish
{but there is normal gps for dafties

and military gps you just tune too
ther eis eight sats invloved each has a security protocal {to keep the lunies out and several uplinks and downlinks much <900mhz - 20 ghz and above some are target laser programmed

like space defence

gps is simple it is an

all series pyrocuboid
from the atmosphere
this is the gps signiture

this is why its wrong
it should be an all series tri tera teramoid form

to give 1us accuricy in rt to 1 um

tirangular triangle or triangles in a sphere sent down
in digressive sequence
the data is in the carriers like a shower of 10101101111011111001111101111111011111111 bu this is wrong

given we arent at the center of the earth and the crust moves 2 miles per day relative the the heaviest atom
relative to the moon central atom {made beleve it or not of 144 the heaviest single atom we can invisage
with 288 its dark mater nexus
otherwise our seas would be quiet there being a balance between mater affected by dark and light matter boundry at 144 12 X 12 being around the distance from any planetary body
is 12 times its relative density between each planet and 12 times less than the furthest to the last as shells of exponents of 12 at any one time

the sun is white
not yellow we are in a white dwarf sun second age

so produces heavy particles

the best is yet too come

we may all fry made of metal one day......

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