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Relay not switching on after a time delay


Aug 26, 2023
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I have an electric hob which appears to have a problem with a relay. Every time I want to use it, I need to turn off the power and turn it back on. Then when I try to use it I can hear a click when the relay comes on and it works fine. But when I want to use it again, let's say an hour later, it won't click on. Even though the power is set to max, there is no click on the relay and no heat. What fixes it is to completely power it off(disconnect the power to it), and power it back on. Works every time. Can anyone suggest/ confirm if this is indeed a relay fault or possibly something else? Thank you.
Can anyone suggest/ confirm if this is indeed a relay fault or possibly something else?
Yes, I can confirm that this is a relay fault or something else.

I would be surprised if someone could give you some more detailed help.
For detailed help we first need detailed informations:
".. an electric hob which appears to .. " couldn´t be more vague. Why no brand, no part name, no schematic, no photos?
".. I can hear a click .." We can´t hear this sound. We can not validate it. It can be anything. How do you know it is a relay?

It may be a bug, but it also may be a children lock feature.

We don´t know how old it is, or whether it ever worked correctly but now changed behaviour.

My recommendation:
* read the user´s manual to check on safety features
* contact your dealer
* contact the manufacturer

Thanks for the reply.

I have done all of the above. The only way the dealer can offer is to buy a new board with the relay which is pretty much the same price as the new hob.

It is the relay which switches the power when the hob is used - the dealer has confirmed it. So basically looking for a possible way of fixing it myself as I have a bit of experience soldering electronics.

The hob is Hotpoint CRA641DC.

From what I was able to find out the ID of the relay is RFH34012WG.
For those who dont know what a hob is :


Regards, Dana.

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