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Regarding Series Resonant Circuit

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Jan 28, 2011
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Dear All,

I need to make a high-voltage pulse generator system. The broad topology I found from literature is H-Bridge with a series resonant circuit. The commercial system has waveforms as follows.

I have developed H-Bridge with Transformer (having 1:20 Turns ratio) Primary inductance as 227uH and Leakage 27uH.
When using series resonant circuit of (L-C, 220uH, 30nF) the following waveform is obtained at 150V DC

However, the Output Voltage gain is lesser

When I am using Leakage inductance of the transformer along with C value of 440nF. I am getting appropriate boosting. However, I am not sure if its in resonance.

The rate of rise is sudden in this case.

The switching frequency of the Inverter is 60kHz.

What would be the right design of resonant circuit to get nearly similar waveforms as in first in image.

Also please let me know if any other references /design article for the same.

Thanking you.

Install a low-ohm sense resistor in your resonant loop. This lets you detect the moment when current direction crosses from positive to negative and vice versa.

As a result the op amp outputs a bias kick of the proper polarity and at the right time so as to sustain oscillations. Oscillations are automatically at the resonant frequency.

This illustrates the principle of operation:

op amp auto-detects resonat freq of LC series 61kHz.png

"H-Bridge with a series resonant circuit" isn't a coherent description of the circuit. Please post a schematic, and tell us which nodes these waveforms refer to.

As for the waveforms from the "commercial system," they don't look like they could come from a simple single-resonance circuit. Hard to tell with it zoomed out so much. What features of that waveform do you want to replicate?

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