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regarding 16f877a and paper presentation plz

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Jan 6, 2006
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paper presentation microchips

iam a engineering student plz help me about this.can anyone tell how to start knowing about pic16f877a plz help me i have noidea about this plz tell me wat t read and where to read. and i want to give a paper presentaion on any emerging field can anyone suggest me plzzz help as a beginner i want help i hope i will get quick responses thanking all inadvance and thanking all members and moderators for making available such common excellent platform to share thoughts.......

16f877a paper presentation


The best thing to do is reading the datasheet, this is the bulletproof solution for yor dilemma.

Good luck


The best place for PIC is microchip site
check this link

**broken link removed**

you'll find much valuable datasheets , App. notes and source code

Hossam Alzomor

Just make a little search about PIC16F877 to this site

**broken link removed**

PIC hobbiest and enthusiast found here

More Power

You should start with the basics. Here is the link to the Microchip reference manuals.

First read this document:

Then, read this section

The main document is this:
This is the reference manual for the entire PIC Mid-range micros. it contains everything there is to know about these parts.
But don't bother reading it all. Just read the sections that apply to the task at hand.

The website also gives you various sections of this manual separately, so you can refer to them easily when you encounter a problem.

Finally, you can look at this applications manual (for 8-pin devices only, but you can get some ideas).

The best way to learn is to try and build something.
If you cannot do that, at least download the MPLAB IDE from the Microchip website and try to simulate your code, or some of the examples in the applications handbook and modify them to do other things. You can watch the registers change and even the pins, like you would see on a scope. (Or you can animate your code and see how the micro executes the code, one instruction after another).

Once you get the hang of it, you will find it's really easy to work with the PICs. All the mid-range PIC's have pretty much the same instruction set (with minor differences), so once you work with one, switching to another is merely getting used to the new peripherals and memory; the ALU and instructions are the same.


If you are interesting in PIC microcontroller, you can visit microchip web site,and this forum.(

The best way is to read the data sheet........

Also u can chk out stuff at

first of all download the data sheet from microchip site.

then visit
there are sample codes.

also u can download the book
pic for beginners it is free of charge search for it.

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