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Reasons for doing DSP with a MAC

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Feb 22, 2002
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Doing DSP with the MAC

i just bought a mini MAC for $325 . 80 gig HD running at 1.42 Ghz . I found a compairaison between the C6000 an the G4 power PC . This chip powering this mac has an ALTIVEC vector coprocessor that allows to run some DSP code up to 5 times faster than a C6711 . on top the OS X system on the mac is UNIX !.
I'm so static a the posibilities of projects .That can be done with such little amount of money.I'm starting with the GNU RADIO port for mac .and also will install LINUX on a partition .
when i compaire the amount of money required to do DSP in a C6000 architecture and a mini MAC the mac is also a winner .
Compilers and high speed interfaces : Fire wire ,USB2 an incredible graphic board .makes me wonder why i did'nt buy this machine before.
For now the only tool to complete my happineess is a VAST vectorizer. A tool that i used 15 years ago while dealing with another CRAY like mcahine : the i860.
I also found a project that allows to run linux and OS X together .
On top i'm able to use this little machine as a MULTIMIDIA SERVER .with video and sound streaming wireless capabilities .
Any body there that has some similar interest to share with the mini MAC?

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