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Quick guide: RF coaxial switch

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Learn the basics about the RF coaxial switch – what it is, the advantages of high-power RF switches, and what you need to consider when selecting an RF coaxial switch.

What is an RF coaxial switch?​

An RF coaxial switch is an electromechanical relay, also known as a solid-state relay, which directs radio frequency signals from one path to another. RF coaxial switches are typically used in signal-routing applications where a high level of automation is required.

Applications of a coaxial switch include handsets, instrumentation, defense, communications, radar, antenna, and many other test systems that may require high-speed RF switching.

What are the advantages of high-power RF switches?​

The high-power RF switches offer the following advantages compared to mechanical switches:
  • longer operating life
  • faster switching times
  • lower power consumption

What RF coaxial switch should I choose?​

Whether you are on the lookout for a coaxial switch for wireless communication, radar, antenna, or another test system that requires high-speed RF switching, there are a few considerations to keep in mind to find the one that matches your needs and application. Before buying a switch, consider the following:
  • Switch configuration: The number of poles and throws
  • Switch parameters and characteristics
  • Impedance
  • Frequency and connector types
  • RF power handling
  • Coil voltage
  • Actuator type
  • Terminations
  • Indicators
  • Circuit control

Buy your RF coaxial switch from Ranatec​

Ranatec’s RF coaxial Switches are solid-state, which means electronic switching with no moving parts – they are sometimes referred to as “solid-state RF switches”. The result is coaxial switches with fast switching speeds across all frequencies and a long lifetime.

They provide excellent performance with fast switching speed across a broad frequency range. For example, a Ranatec RF coaxial switch provides safe and accurate tests of sensitive RF components, where common applications include instrumentation, defense, communications, radar, antenna, and many other test systems requiring high-speed RF switching.

The long operating life of Ranatec’s RF coaxial switches makes them excellent in large-scale applications. If your company carries out high-volume RF testing, it is time and cost-efficient to use an RF coaxial switch system to automate the testing process and streamline the product cycle.

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