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pulse width modulation

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Nov 30, 2006
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please help...can i use pulse width modulation with 89c2051 microcontroller?...and if, how can it be?...:cry:

yeah you can. you can use a timer and any port pin. the timer set the pin high for some duration of time, and reset it low for the rest of the time in one cycle. repeat it again infinitely. the required duty cycle is adjusted by setting the duration the pin set high compared to the duration it is pulled low. the switching frequency is determined by the length of one cycle.

so for example, if you want to drive a dc motor with switching frequency of 200 hz, then the length of one cycle is 1/200 = 5 ms, here is the code (i'm using sdcc):

#include <at89x2051.h>
void delay(unsigned char t) /* t in .1 ms */

void main(void){
unsigned char dutycycle;

some code

dutycycle = P1;
assuming dutycycle is determined by values inputted by user through P1
with precaution so as not to exceed 50
P3_0 = 1;
P3_0 = 0;
delay(50 - dutycycle);

other code

this way, if you want a dutycycle of 50%, then P3_0 should be on for 2.5 ms (call delay with argument 25) and off for the next 2.5 ms. 20% means P3_0 on for 1 ms (call delay(10);) and off for 4 ms (call delay(40);).
there are certainly other better ways to implement pwm on 89x2051 uC, it's just one popped out of my head, so please cmiiw.

yes u can generate PWM using 89C2051 you can use the two timers for this.I think there is an application note for PWM u can try in google search

can i apply it on a 3 phase induction motor using this microcontroller?

induction motor is an ac motor, so to control its speed you must vary the ac voltage frequency. you can do this by pwm, but instead of having the pwm to vary the voltage level, you must vary the frequency AND voltage. try consulting on books about electric machinery, such as stephen chapman's. sorry can't help you much more on this.

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