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Jun 22, 2011
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Hi, I am new to electronics and wants to learn Pspice capture. I would appreciate if someone could please suggest me a good book for Pspice capture...
In addition, where can i find symbol of ac ground in Pspice??? Do i need to download library for it???
( I'm using student edition...)

no known book for recent version of pspice capture.
but a book by mohammed rashid explain about pspice capture of previous version.

you can refer it as most of the steps are same for capture versions.

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note: please repost in 'analog design ' forum.
this forum is not appropriiate for pspice related ones.
Re: Wants to learn pspice...

Thanks, but where "AGND" is ???

Hmm...all the ground symbols in Pspice are available in the above manner...there is no need to download a library for the same..Im not a master of Pspice..but my experience is that you need to place the Ground i ve shown in Pspice figure to get your circuit simulated.Because Pspice needs a reference 0 voltage to do simulation.Only that partcular symbol has the properties NODENAME & NAME =0. which is essential to set your voltages properly.
By the way what are you trying to simulate?..

You can find few books on PSpice at **broken link removed**
For placing ground in Capture, Use Place>Ground menupick, or hit "G"


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On your other question: You can find LM7805 in opamp library.
Hey thanks, now please tell me how to connect it(LM7805). I really don't know a bit of it. It gives some sort of warning when i try to stimulate..

LM7805 is a voltage regulator. It has got three pin VIN ,GND ,VOUT.It regulates the input voltage that is being given to the input to a steady 5V output ( if operated as a fixed output regulator)May be you can go through the data sheet of the same..
There will be a minum input DC voltage that is to be given to LM7805 to give a 5V dc output.

That is 5+2=7V input minimum.
There will be a maximum input voltage that can be given to the LM7805 Input pin crossing that may harm the device..

Also if you are tryingto build an adapter with 7805 you should also check the current requirement of the device that you intend to power it with.

The [Vin-Vout]*I load current will be dissipated in the device. You may need to consider the maximum & minimum operating points for heat calculations.
Hope this helps
But , you didn't tell me how to connect it in Pspice....It gives no pspice template

When you place a symbol for library, which are not meant for simulation, you get this message. Try placing LM7805 from
You will not get this error.

Hey atripathi, you can see there is no LM7805 in my OPAMP library..No 7805.png
And as for
which are not meant for simulation
you can see i've connected every element and there is no element left unconnected...error.jpg

I'd be very obliged if someone makes this circuit for me...

Are you searching the LM7805 in an opamp library? Why? Is it an opamp?

I know it's not opamp but regulator...I think you should read above post by atripathi...

there is no LM7805 in my OPAMP library..
But LM7805C is in fact contained in the library pspice\opamp.olb (orcad editor) respectively opamp.slb (pspice editor) of a standard PSPICE distribution. DK_OPAMP rather suggests a special distribution, e.g. an eval version.

the olb libraries of orcad contain the schematic symbol only, unless there is a library model too (.lib usually with the same name as .old) you will not be able to simulate it.
There are many .olb files with schematic models that don't have any spice model associated with them.
Use the .olb files from the /orcad/library/pspice folders, these are the ones that have a pspice model library too, if you can't find 7805 there then you have to create your own component.

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