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proximity and distance measurement

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Aug 13, 2009
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microwave distance measurement kit

Hello all,
I am a newbie to this board and hands-on electronics in general. I am trying to identify a kit which can help me build a system which can do proximity measurement along with direction.

I have gone through some of the offerings from various manufacturers who sell ultrasonic proximity sensors and the like (ping). I am looking for something which will be able to measure distance as well as relative direction.

Can someone please point me in the right direction? My requirements are as below:

1) Need a sensor to measure how far another sensor is and in what relative direction (maybe an answer in terms of degrees..)

2) Want a reliable technology

3) Must be interfaceable with a PC

Thanks in advance,

proximity and distance

Hello all :)

Any ideas, I was looking at Senix ultrasonic products, but the problem I can't seem to get my mind wrapped around is how to figure out relative orientation.

example:I can have 4 ultrasonic sensors, 3 placed like the ends of a triangle and one in the centroid. then make each one of the sensors placed at the vertices, emit a pulse which will be picked up by the one in th centroid, but I can't figure out how to determine relative direction.

any ideas/comments/pointers are greatly appreciated.

PS: a wild thought .. I have heard about directional antennae arrays..can anyone suggest if this is a decent possibility or a wild goose chase

microwave distance measurement

Look at this site: **broken link removed**

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