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Proteus Simulation Problem

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Jun 23, 2002
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proteus rms

Why won't the lamp from the active library work with A.C ?

Is there any way to make it work with ac?

Thanks in advance


download ac light bulb proteus

SIMBOX said:
here is an idea sub circuit model
to replace add between the load and the voltage probe

a simple summer primative will supply dc from ac with little or no cpu

and below is the same version

with the summer set to output a different voltage

maybe someone better at maths this time of day can help

my mind dosnt comeonline for another 5 hrs yet after some damp start

Here is a spice model of a lightbulbs responce
it is avalible at this url h**p://
proteus simulation ground

James has made you a model for a light bulb {very good work}
i made a 3 phase genorator and a 3 phase and neutral contactor {reused a relay model}

also in the zip below is is a lib with all three parts
a design too show them working

with some notes to allow you too adjust the lamp model if desired
by adjusting the T<0.65.... function and recompile the model too allow you too model other wires {but the one there james says is good for many voltages 50-60 HZ ACor DC drive

the contactor uses a relay model was from CAO ... so i have included there default switches lml

extract the zip to a blank folder

add the lml's & mdf files to the models folder
add the lib to the librarys folder

move the folder to your development folder or too
the proteus folder {although this isnt always nessasary

notes.... on 3 phase gen

you need to adjust each phase and its time period allignment in us microsec or ns of delay per phase peek....

let me know your views on this model
it is much like the mains plug
so very adjustable

even freq per phase can be model ok...

mains stuff was further updated
if you have downloaded re download it
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ac simulation proteus


:D i will give 200 150 100 50 & 25 points

as donations
to the best five attempts {working ones please only!!!!}

:fist: :?

go Too the first member to post the correctly!!!! timed dsn 8) for the attached zip'd design below

:x :twisted: :evil: 3 phase genorator :)


!!!! NEW VERSION !!!! TO TEASE YOU ......

how to set voltage in proteus

**broken link removed**

here is a nice link with an animated graphic

the correct equassion is 2*pi/3 appart
offset 120 degrees from each other

related to time is ????? .020seconds
so 20ms per oscillation

so there is 360 degrees in four rotations of phase
3 x 120 = 360

4x 20 ms = 80ms 80 ms for 360 degrees


??any takers now???
first too post gets the points

simulation 3 phase in proteus

hehe what do you want to know?
hm u mean cycle duration =1/f=0.02s
offset first wave 0ms
offset 2nd wave 0.02s/3 = 6.67 ms
offset 3rd wave 2*0.02s/3 = 13.33ms

hm tryin to understand ur lisa model right now (its a long time since i viewed a netlist ;))


proteus modeling 3 phase generator

:D open the dsn file

mouse over the part for 3phase gen
press ctrl z to zoom to the sub sheet
to leave the subsheet press ctrl x

the model is attached so dont untick the hirachy module box
and save design or it will disappear

dsp_attempt_1 marks out of ten 2 deux précise de dix {{for getting the inter phase meters in the right place} 8 points deducted for not getting 240v N to RED phase or any of the other volts correct....}
hahahaha 8p for not gettin the right voltage heheheheh
btw i dont want ur points
its the half voltage because the metre shows rms and there is a failure in the initial design (amplitute = rms*sqrt(2) not amplitute = rms/sqrt(2))
so 1/sqrt(2)*1/sqrt(2)=1/2
im gettin some sleep now cya lata

ok this one is better and i give it 8 out of ten

1 point becouse although you got all the time bang on and all the metering was fine the globals werent and the lib part and model were't compiled with proper presets "made to measure"
1 point becouse the sin theta varient wasn't used with resepct to the offset rail the offset {temperal rail in the center between earth and all } wasnt brocken out the model and assigned a constant with resect to earth { handy if you have an earth leek }

any way your still knowwhere near the 200 points becouse your still using the older version that gives a nice convinient *.707 to a global value....constant
but your number one for now on the 50 points blag

teddy_attempt_1 marks out of ten 6 six précise de dix {4 for getting the timing sort of working and 2 for it running the first time i tried it
{ however 2 marks deducted for not linking the model to the nominal voltage rail and 2 becouse your using the older 50 pont only model only 50 points max for using that one}

the object is too make the best model from the bones you were given and teased with

the best model part lib etc etc wins 200 points second best 150 ...etc...

not the one who only gets too level 2 there is at least 10 things still too do
please note to reuse your topics and flag a change has been made

bulb spice model -il

kewl i didnt know that hehehe probably cause my hlp files are fucked up hehehe

hmm the prob in the design before wasnt the timedelay .. it was that the Vac between ground and earth had the same voltage as the other Vacs since theres no influence of the load on the generator this should be 0V. the whole thing is weird hehehe but now i dont understand y the voltage measured by the meters is exact the half of what expected. a wrong time delay would only cause other voltages between the lines

hahahaha 8p for not gettin the right voltage heheheheh
:whoops i should have looked up in the dict whats deducted means ;)
thought u were j'kin and donated some points for this :LOL:
btw i dont want ur points
its the half voltage because the metre shows rms and there is a failure in the initial design (amplitute = rms*sqrt(2) not amplitute = rms/sqrt(2))
so 1/sqrt(2)*1/sqrt(2)=1/2
im gettin some sleep now cya lata

proteus relay animation

This .dsn is set to give 240v phase to neutral and 415v phase to phase.

maybe i've missed the point, is this what you competition was about, simbox?

Change 1

Hi, i need something (lamp or motor) as AC load in my circuit but i am unable to find any AC load in proteus... any help?

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