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Protel 99 shut downs when I want to generate cam files

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Sep 29, 2005
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Cebu, Philippines
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Hey Friends,

I have this kind of strange bug in using protell 99.

I had succesfuly produced gerber files of some of my pcb files ut 1 pcb file which has the size of 12" by 3", the protell always shuts down whenever I hit generate cam files. The process I made with the large pcb file is just the same with the other pcbs i made which had gerber files.

I made anothe pcb out on the same netlist file of the large pcb still the final pcb cannot output gerber files.

Any idea of this how to resolve this issue.


Re: Protel 99 Help

It's not a bug in Protel99SE. I've made larger boards than yours without having the software crash.

I suggest you look at how you have your CAM generator set up. You may even want to delete it and set up a new CAM output generator.

P*otel 99 Help

I did this already but still it wont give cam files but protell just shuts down. anyway my other pcb files successfully had their respective cam files

Re: Protel 99 Help

It's too hard to guess all of the things that might be causing your problem. If you want to post or PM me a copy of the file, I can try it here and see if I have the same symptoms. If I don't, then the problem is your Protel99SE installation. If I do, perhaps I can figure out what the difficulty may be.

It sounds like the CAM generator in Protel is finding a fault in your file that is generating an error which causes the program to shut down. I have seen similar behavior caused by a corrupt board file. Generally, if the board file is corrupt, you see other symptoms when you open the file in the PCB Editor.

Do you have all the service packs installed in your copy of Protel99SE? I believe SP6 was the last one issued.
P*otel 99 Help

House_Cat thanks a lot. The bug seems to go away when i remake the pcb file again. It seems there was something wrong when a made a panelized pcb out of the pcb file i made. anyway the solution was just make the gerber files of my PCB and let the manufacturer do the paneling. Thanks

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