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[SOLVED] propeller clock code is not working

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Sep 7, 2010
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hi friends, this the code for propeller clock using at89s52 but this code is not working plz help me ....i really need this


  • c jhgvg.txt
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I am working on a propellor clock on my website The code is working great I am just finalising the hardware. Maybe my hardware could be an option for you. Otherwise I am willing to share the code for a small fee.

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Just had a look at the code and my display basically beats the pants off what your code was doing. My code can draw text to any location, use sperical or cartesian coordinates systems and uses Flowcode as a high level language to write the overlying functionality.

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Hello, Sorry re-reading my messages I think I got a bit over excited, anything specifically you need help with?

Here is a basic principal of the system I used to drive my clock.

1 timer interrupt to control the output of the data to the leds this interrupt should run say 30 - 360 times per rev depending on the required resolution.

1 edge triggered interrupt to detect a reference point say a hall effect and a magnet. This looks at the number of times the timer interrupted in a rev and changed the timer refresh variable accordingly to allow for the desired resolution.

I then used a large array to hold my data and the display takes care of itself. You can then print data to the array and the display will automatically update with the array.

Using arrays to hold ascii characters helps if you need to display numbers or text.

Apologies again for my reply earlier I in no way meant to brag.

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