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Producing polyphonic melodies with Pic??

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Nov 18, 2001
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bitscope wavepod

Hi there,

In my project i would like to use polyphonic sound alerts instead of using horrible buzzer.Well maybe you heard alert of cherokee jeeps when its doors are open or when lights are open+key is not located. (like Blimp! Blimp! Blimp!) Can i produce these sounds with a pic or something like filters/special ics'? I can't find any sources for this.Thanks.

Analyzer. :(

sum of terms

You should be able to describe your sound in musical terms converted into math. For instance, a sine wave with harmonics will simulate a musical instrument tone. Then multiply it by an amplitude function. Then combine several of these musical tones by summing them. Finally put the instantaneous amplitude into a DAC. I suspect that you will have ot use a real DAC to get decent musical tones. The PIC pwm method is very crude.


Thank you but is there any instant solution for my project? I can imagine, your solution is good but complicated.So please inform me if there is an instant ic for this.Thank you.



Before the days of custom IC designs you could buy ready made music generators that could be programmed to sound like different instruments. Now you cannot.

You can generate the sould mathematically as described above and store the samples in a ROM for reading out to a DAC.


I think i find the solution :

**broken link removed**

Hi flatulent

I found in Many messaging devices(telephone), they use Eprom (eg hoktel)to store music(digitally) and they play back,the out put using PWM techiq is there any software or device that converts Human voice or small song to digital form so that it can be programmed in to eprom..

Please give me some DOC or information ,Thanks


no info

I do not have personal knowledge of specific chips that use ROM readouts for sound.

They type of DAC will control the musical quality. If you are using a very small speaker, the PWM method will work. If you are using a larger speaker and are keen on music in general the real binary DAC will produce the least distortion and noise.



For ordinary waves you can check bitscope wavepod, and Harry have wav to eprom, you just take the wav file and pick the appropriate hex code. check here:


Continue here: Projects->EPROM circuits-> EPROM AF Gen and Wav 2 EPROM, (you see it on the left).

Do not know if this helps.

Good luck

you are luck ! i just finish a polyphonic piano from cypress psoc. i have attached the application note here. let me know if you have futher question.

Hi hwlee,

Thank you for your document, but can you publish full circuit diagram instead of block diagram please? Can i adapt these info to more common mcu's such as pics?
Thank you.


i get the circuit from cypress FAE. since the mcu contains the analog function i needed for the piano, i do not have to worry about the "whole" circuit. as a matter of fact, i only need to put serveral c and r onto the board.

i believe you can use pic or other general purpose mcu. what you need is those analog blocks containing in psoc.

let me try to find something helpful and get back to you latter, ok ?

Hi, Analyzer

are you trying to make a piano with good sound quality like a MIDI player or just a piano that can make sound (more like a toy) ?


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