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[PIC] Problem with PIC24 In MPLAB software

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Sep 24, 2008
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Hello Friends
My name is Barosov.I am from Bulgaria.
I began to study-PIC24.How is the file extension when we creating project in MPLAB for PIC 24-asm ,s, as ....In various books written differently. I using assembler.If you give me an example would be the better.

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Are you using MPLAB or MPLABx (the newer version)?
In general if you create a project and then use the menus to add a new file of the appropriate type (assembler in your case) then it will put in the correct file type.
Is there any reason you are using assembler? While assembler is very powerful and you can use it to get the device to do anything it is capable of, I would not recommend it when you are learning to use PIC24 devices. If you use something like C then you can concentrate on the higher level task of getting the device to do something. If you use assembler then you need to also concentrate on the specifics of the code.
I would suggest that you write something simple (e.g. the 'flash a LED' program) in C and, once it is working, then look at the assembler the compiler creates if you really want to understand how the device works at that level. (This is better if you can use the higher levels of optimisation but generally the free compilers such as XC16 from Microchip only let you use the lower level optimisations.)

Hello Susan
Thank for answer.I am using MPLAB.version 8.76.I attach a screenshot to see error massage.If you give me an example-imagine that you want to start writing program in assembler-what you wrote in my place?


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Seems your directories are not set correctly in the mplab options.
A simple solution is to copy the file p24fj128ga010.gld from
c:\Program Files (x86)\Microchip\MPLAB ASM30 Suite\Support\PIC24F\gld folder to project directory folder.
The " (x86)" part of the above path should be omitted if you are using 32bit windows version.

That IDE is rather old and has been superseded by the MPLAB X IDE (that is now up to version 3.05).
However, the MPLAB IDE should still work as long as it as been installed correctly. If you install the IDE and C30 compiler one after the other, then they *should* set the correct default paths up for you. If that is not the case, then you could try to reinstall them.
You don't actually say which PIC24 device you are using. I assume that it is a PIC24FJ128GA010 but with the MPLAB you need to make sure that the project settings as well as the source code include file both refer to the correct processor.

A good text on the topic of PIC24 Assembly Language Programming is Robert Reese's text:

Microcontrollers: From Assembly Language to C Using the PIC24 Family

Reese also has a website dedicated to the PIC24 programming in both assembly and C languages, which covers many of the new features found on the latest PIC24 variants:

**broken link removed**

The website has extensive libraries for the PIC24E/H/F and dsPIC33E/F families, a videos, the full ECE 3742 lecture series and more.

Certainly, enough to get you started in the right direction.


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