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Problem with Hspice simulation under Linux

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May 6, 2015
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Hi all,

I simulate a clock oscillator with hspice using a priopretary MOSFET model (.option scale=0.12u) . The weird thing is that in Hspice X-2005.09 under Windows 7 there is no problem at all.

However, when I try to simulate the exactly same netlist in Hspice A-2008.03-SP1 under Linux I get the message:

**error** reference 0:nfet not found, or instance width or length does not fit into the wmax/wmin or lmax/lmin range.
it was referenced in element 1:m1
the channel width= 3.600E-06 and length= 1.200E-06
the line number was 40

I have also tried another circuit in both systems (a transmission line) to check if the problem is a global one, but the 2nd simulation works fine in both systems. So, I guess the problem is not related to the operating systems nor to the different Hspice versions I'm using.

Any ideas???

Hi all,

The last hours I tried to decipher the above brain teaser. In my netlist I have the subcircuit shown below together with other subcircuits:

Q1 Vbe1 Vbe1 GND GND npnVS M=8
Q2 Vbe2 Vbe2 GND GND npnVS M=2
Q3 Vbe3 Vbe3 GND GND npnVS M=1
*R1 Vctrl Vbe1 78.0k TC1=-0.000105
*M1 Vctrl Vctrl M3d Vref pfet W=10 L=10 M=1
*R2 M3d M3g 400.0 TC1=-0.000105
*M2 M3g M3g GND GND nfet W=100 L=10 M=80
*M3 M3d M3g opamp2_out Vref pfet W=100 L=10 M=80

*R3 opamp2_in_neg GND 310.0 TC1=-0.000105
*R4 opamp2_out opamp2_in_neg 310.0 TC1=-0.000105

M4 opamp2_in_pos opamp2_in_pos Vref Vref pfet W=100 L=10 M=80

*M5 opamp2_in_pos M6g GND GND nfet W=200 L=10 M=50
*M6 M6g M6g GND GND nfet W=200 L=10 M=50
*M7 M7s M10g Vref Vref pfet W=200 L=10 M=50

*M8 M10g M9g M8s GND nfet W=200 L=10 M=50
*M9 M9g M9g Vbe3 GND nfet W=200 L=10 M=50
*M10 M10g M10g Vref Vref pfet W=200 L=10 M=50
*M11 M9g M10g Vref Vref pfet W=200 L=10 M=50

*R8 Vbe3 GND 2600 TC1=-0.000105
*R7 M7s M6g 1 
*R5 M8s GND 2450 TC1=-0.000105
R6 M8s Vbe2 216 TC1=-0.000105

As is the simulation is not running. However, if I comment out let's say Q3, the simulation runs smoothly. Now the funny part of the whole story: The above subcircuit is not actually active because it is commented out with the command:

*X1 ................

So, even if I'm not actually using the subcircuit Hspice use it to calculate the total number of devices? Does Hspice adds up all Ws and Ls, that's why I'm getting the error above?

Any thoughts or ideas to solve the problem?

PS: This is all happening in Hspice for Linux. Under Windows everything runs smoothly.
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UPDATE: I tested the .sp file in Ubuntu 64-bit with Hspice A-2008.03-SP1 installed and runs perfectly! So, I guess the problem lies on the Linux version. 64-bit makes the job but 32-bit not.

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