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Problem with EPIC on fast computer.

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Jul 4, 2002
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I have tried EPIC programmer on 1800 MHz Athlon computer but without success. This programmer is working well on my 200 MHz old machine. I have looked with oscilloscope and have found that all data is going 10-20 times faster on new one. I think program of programmer must make some time correction, but maybe some Athlon difference is a reason of mulfunction?

Question: Is anybody using this programmer on fast >1500 MHz machine?

Thanks on advance! klug.

Modifying EPIC.INI for problems with PIC16Fxxx

On some computers, you may encounter intermittent problems when attempting to program Microchip's FLASH devices with the EPIC Plus PICmicro Programmer. This is caused by differences in the computer's hardware and operating system, which changes the timing of the programming signals.

These changes should only be made for the FLASH parts, which are denoted with an "F" in the device number (16F877, 16F876, etc.)

These parameters may be changed to suit your computer. This is accomplished by editing a file called EPIC.INI, which is found in the directory where your EPIC software is installed.

Open the file in a text editor such as Wordpad. If you use a word processor, make sure you save the file as plain text. Depending on the software you use, you may have to select "plain text", "ASCII", "text only", "unformatted text", or other settings that won't add formatting information to the file.

The information in the file is grouped according to the device part number. Each Microchip MCU has a group of parameters that represent its programming specification.

The parameters that control the erasure and programming of the chip may be increased for slower, more reliable operation. These parameters are named ProgTime and EraseTime. Increase the value of these parameters, then save the file and restart the EPIC software. Don't increase the values beyond 20000.

Below is an example of a change for the PIC16F877. The EraseTime has been increased to 20000.


I use EMPIC on 1.2 MHz . it not error 8)

I have made two things: corrected EPIC.ini and decrased lenth of the cabel from computer to programmer to 0.7 m. Also used every even wire in flat cable for ground. Now EPIC is working correctly.

Thanks a lot! klug.

you can try to update your epic too...i have the latest version and it works without any modification on my athlon xp 1.7
i had this kind of problem with old epic versions...

hello this place

sometime ago i built an epic and propic in one

this design runs very well

i use a fast athlone and get no problems
i use icpog for both
making the switch between then auto using pin singnal on one lead that gnds a shift register too change the i/o over from one to the other
this way i can program
1} any micro
2} icp / icd
3} use programmer ide and front ends from any {just about} cross compiler that produces code for either programer or allows icp icd
features of these

so.... quite and easy circuit although two feed back pins from both programmers need fed via diodes too talk back to the ide etc{as ident }

i would however like a copy of the circuit for the newer epic version you have

or just a list of differances you notice

youll find the circuit for the odler epic on the board somewhere

Do you have schematic and PCB-layout for the combined programmer Monkey?

I Have a Athlon 1.2GHz and I cannot program a PIC16F877. I was obligated to install the EPIC programmer on a 486 which needs like a minute to program it. I modified all files, but it was impossible.

things with epic :?

dont use ecp mode on your port
instead set it in the bios for normal mode

for programmers

as above you need too change the timing slightly

try too add more again for erase

remember it wont program properly if it dosnt get a good crc for erase

use the latest epic software
{i use icprog it always works }

attached is the design

i had to rework it as i couldnt find the previous .dsn

but no matter here you go

just needs routed
{very easy is almost at export level}

3 sheets so use design menu to navigate


ps in this version

i did away with the shift register as it isnt realy needed

this design uses just one cable and will program with any software that supports the epic or propic

as i re worked it i havent tested but i am sure an eagle eye can scan and report a flaw too me by pm

i can then update it

i cant be bothered to route it

i will if me want this done {takes a couple of hours too set up}

but it is finished quickly so no realy problem too do
esp with proteus ares

other things too note

use 1 amp regulators
use 25v electro for the main resoviour cap
use 16 v for the rest of the electros

anything else
pm me for details or for other


faults i notice


added some dsn files for placement and routing
you need some libs from vsm.libs site
devares devisis libs are needed

this guy does nice parts for proteus and has some nice links
and bits of interest
**broken link removed** 8)

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