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problem with dspic30f3010 and pickit 2

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Mohammad Zubair

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Jan 13, 2015
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I was testing my dspic30f3010 with a test code i got from internet. I used cheap clone Pickit 2 to program my IC. My IC was working very fine. However, when I tried imporing the actual code, my both ICs became unresponsive.

#include <p30f3010.h>
// Configuration settings
_FOSC(CSW_FSCM_OFF & FRC_PLL16); // Fosc=16x7.5MHz, Fcy=30MHz
_FWDT(WDT_OFF); // Watchdog timer off
_FBORPOR(MCLR_DIS); // Disable reset pin
int main()
    // Configure all four port D pins (RD0, RD1, RD2, RD3)
    // as digital outputs
    LATD = 0;
    TRISD = 0b1111111111110000;
    // Flash LEDs on RD0 and RD1 at 1Hz for 4 seconds
        _LATD0 = 0;
        _LATD0 = 1;
    return 0;

the problem I detected from searching the internet was I have disabled the MCLR pin in my test program.

The solution to it I found on net was possible with the original pickit 2. As cheap pickit 2 does not have Vdd control circuit.

Now What should I be doing to resurrect these ICs:

1) Use a pickit3 from microchip (oriinal) as it will (I suppose) be having the Vdd control circuit required for its solution. We do not have pickit 2 original available in our country.

2) Design an additional circuitry for the cheap pickit 2 which will give the required results.

Please Do guide me!!! It's urgent!!!!

I think going for the pickit 3 would be best. Overall, it is a good investment and will help you avoid troubles like this in the future.

Ok but I am unsure about one thing............

I downloaded pickit 3 software from the internet and checked it (without having a pickit 3) and I didn't find "use vpp first entry" option in it(which is necessary to make my ICs working)

I was in doubt whether will it solve my problem or not

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