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Problem in simulation of coupled line

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Feb 18, 2013
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I've simulated ,"Dual band Wilkinson power divider with output ports coupled extension" an Ieee article by M.J.park, by using ADS2011 schematic and linecalc to compute W, S, and L of the coupled lines but my answers are not exactly the same as article answers Specially S22. I want to know if it is the nature of coupled lines or my fault. here is my simulation and corresponding article. The simulation is about dual band coupled line Wilkinson divider with f2/f1=1.5 (Fig 4.a in article). Please help me. thanks


  • Coupled line.rar
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It seems like no one wants to help me. I'm begging please help me. It's urgent

The simulation results may not exactly match the results in the paper. You should see if the simulation results obtained by you satisfy your design goals. If you could provide a an uncompressed copy of ur design, I may be able to help u better.
Thanks. I was discouraged about the answer. U know I've used ADS schematic for simulation not layout. But in my opinion results seems rather strange. u can easily uncompress 7zap files. U mean u can't open rar file or 7zap? anyway I provide u another rar file which contains the folder of my design.


  • coupledline1_wrk.rar
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I'm wondering. No one knows the answer of my post?

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I'm wondering. No one knows the answer of my post?

You have archive the project in ADS (select File--> Archive project..) and send the .zap generated by ADS so we can read it.

Sorry but I'm not able to read your file. As I said if you archive the project directly in ADS I can read it and try to help you.

I have seen PLENTY of technical papers where if you simulate with the dimensions given, the results are horrid. I am not saying that these authors are deliberately falsifying their data. But there clearly are some cases where the simulation results do not go with the dimensions provided. Maybe they want to hide the actual final optimized results for competitive reasons.

So, do not be so surprised!

albbg: the first post can help u its a 7zap file. Since I could not upload 7zap file I converted it to rar with the pdf file of the corresponding paper
biff44: this paper have derived the equations and the value of impedances. we can find the dimensions by ads linecalc easily as I did it before. I found out that my simulation results do not agree well with the author's and I dont know why it is happening

I tried many times, but I didn't succeded in reading your files with ADS, neither that in post #1 nor that in post #4. You don't have to compress with 7zip, but directly the project inside ADS, then sent the .zap generated by ADS itself, as is.

well, the equations are pretty simple. If I remember correctly, √(Zoe * Zoo) = 50 ohms, and the Δ Zoe-Z00 yields the correct coupling value.

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