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printers direct for pcb??????

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Dec 23, 2001
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direct print pcb

somebody knows some machine to make circuits without paper transfer
something as printer pcb directly

I'm not sure what you mean. Do you ask if there is a method for making PCBs without etching (using acids and such) ? Rapid PCB prototyping can be done with circuit mills. They mill&drill a copper board without chemicals. You'll still have to use them if you want to make two-layer boards (through-hole plating). I know a german manufacturer that does these machines (, but beware that these cost like cars.

Of course you can order a prototype batch from a PCB manufacturer, but I'm not sure if they require some order confirmation before they start making protos.

Hope I understood the question, civilum.


You can use some kind of horizontal flatbed plotters and print the circuit directly onto the copper. Of course you will have to use the chemicals, they just prin the circuit, they do not produce ready pcbs.

You can use a CAD/CAM machine and route out a copper clad board. The bit would take off the cooper layer and leave the board underneath.

the question is if some printer exists for pcb their circuit
2. print it the directly the board
3. each (sorry translate..!)

I think I understand your question.
I’m also thinking same for long time.

You want to feed PCB instead of Paper in the laser printer to get direct print on PCB.
You can try to modify any old laser printer.
Or try flexible PCBs(i.e. copper on plastic sheet).

If u gets success then inform me too.

No need to try with a laser printer, it uses high voltage to transfer the toner powder from printing roller to the paper, a cupper PCB would not work in this process.

It might work with a inkjet, and there is comersial (expensive) machines for prototyp production that does PCBs in this way, but then u need to find som ink for your printer that can take the etching solution.

regards Me

You might be able to use this printer with small modifications:
**broken link removed**

Otherwise you could use a plotter if you don't need layouts with very small SMD IC footprints, because the plotterpen i too thick for fine footprints.

It is impossible to use a laserprinter for your purpose.

You can buy the Copytrax DaVinci Pro 6 printer here:
**broken link removed**

You should also be able to use this printer:
**broken link removed**
It can handle media up to 2.5mm thick and it can print on plastic.

Ink problems on printing

Hi all,

Will the default ink work fine in the copper PCB?
Because after with finish printing we put the pcb on acid. I'm afraid that the ink jumps out of the PCB during the copper corrosion process.
Anyway the EPSON PHOTO 900 with CD/DVD printing looks very good at a very affordable price +/+ 250€.


If you got an inkjet cartridge you can try to put some ink on a copper PCB an etch it to se if it works.

Ink test


You are right! But I still have to get the cartridge! I have an EPSON Stylus Color 880 but I'm not shure that the INK is the same!
I heard that to print on CDs or DVDs you have to buy some special ones already prepared for that.
Maybe the surface is not equal.


If it works with your ink then it will probably work with any ink.

I found another great way of transferring your PCB layout from printer to copper using Press-N-Peel. It works with laserprinter and fotocopier. If you only got an inkjet-printer then you can fotocopy your layout before transferring.

**broken link removed**

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