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Power line communication [PLC] for mcu

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Jun 6, 2001
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linksprite plc

i need chip or sch or info for 220v and 20kv power line communicaion for mcu

Thx of any help

application with lm1893

The Chip is Modem for PLC !!
Chip Type: ST7536

atl90115-1 india

Do you have any special requirement in the power line communication,such as speed,reliablity,etc?I just had finished a project
in this field.I think I can give you some information.

atl90115-1 price

jinboqiu said:
Do you have any special requirement in the power line communication,such as speed,reliablity,etc?I just had finished a project
in this field.I think I can give you some information.

my speed not very important for me i think .5 or 1kBPS is good in real it not bad if some lower

reliablity: important for me

easy and low price : very important for me


About the PLCC,i just have following to say:
First, if not need to transmit data over long distance ,for example,only in a house or a small building.
I think you can use commercial IC such as, Intellon's ssc p200,p300 with p111, National Semiconductor's LM1893,
ST's ST7536 .All these ICs are easy to use with microcontroller,and cheap if you order in volume.

Second,if the reliablity is very important to you,you need adopt some special method such as error detection and correction use Haming code,CRC or more powerful ECC
method such as Reed-Solomon code,use some reliable data frame synchoronise methods to protect and extract you data from power line which often be a noisy environment.

Third,if you have to transmmit data over long distance and have very low load impedance of the power line such as in some industrial power cable,you may need to build your own
circuit,just like me.
In my project, I use a CPLD(altera EPM7032S) to do a CPFSK modulation ,use some MOSFETs to construct a high power class D amplifier,and use PLL chip to demodulate the received
signal,use Motorola's MC68HC908GP32 to encode and decode data with CRC16 ,synchorinse data frame and do all the other protocol.

You can read National Semiconductor's LM1893 datasheet,ST' ST7536 datasheet and the coressponing application note and visit Intellon's web page(
to get more information about PLCC.

plm transceiver ic + price

In my project I use ST7537 with a COP8 mcu at 2400 bauds. I use HDLC protocol with CRC16 checksum. See the application notes for ST7537. Be careful with switching power supply connected to main power. This produce noise that produce errors in communications.

how to communicate mcu and plc

Also have a look at the ST7538 as this is a much better device than the ST7536/37. It has a built in driver stage reducing component count.
I have done a board with this and a ST7 micro with good results (using FEC).

powerline modem atl90115-1 india

I have a good idea for making a project with using st7537 or 7538
But I'm not good at making board design. If someone could help me I will very glad
Thanks from now

project plc mcu

Have alook at where you will find referance designs using 7536,37,38 devices.


bpsk power line communication protocol

check it may help you


You can get some information here.
**broken link removed**

powerline modems st 7536

Dear Friends

I bought a PLC modem module. my module has two ICs. the part numbers has cleared by scraping. but its clear that one of chips is a PLC modem and another one is a Atmel microcontroller. based on my assumption the question is that what is the duty of microcontroller in the circuit?

the part# for the module is ATL90115-1 a product of Archnetco
**broken link removed**

it has Tx1 Rx1 also Tx2 Rx2 I sent and communicate over Tx1 and Rx2
pins of two modules perfectly but I don't know what are Tx2 and Rx2 presented for?

can anyone suggest a method for sending ans receiving multimedia(Audio/Video)
over power?
there are Ethernet modems for this purpose but is there anything out of protocols?

lm1893 price

Hi friends,
I have been investigating on the applicability of power line communications techniques. I want to simulate the plc system in MATLAB (m file).The simulation includes FSK and PSK and OFDM modulation and demodulation , error control coding , powerline channel and the noise over it. I have some problems with these simulations . I want to know if you have any MATLAB files (m files) about powerline background and impulsive noise. Thanks.

interfacing matlab and plc cheaply

after 2 years of work i can say that OFDM won't work in power line . The best bet is Echelon or Yitran 's transceiver

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