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power electronic project ideas....

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Nov 10, 2006
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electronic project ideas

hey frds....can u pls help me figure out some nice power electronics related project for my power electronic lab class....i don't want a very difficult one..would prefer the one with basic principles of power electronics
p.s: shud hv a circuit diagram and the value of the components..

thanks a million....


electronics project ideas

Why not design a car batery charger. plenty of choice for expanding the electronics and plenty of referance material.
electronic project idea

DC-DC converters are very popular.

project ideas in power electronics

You Can make a DC-DC Converter with a H-Bridge and get a variable Voltage in the output (and you can control motor's velocity).

The hardest on this proyect is the control circuit for the transistors (Power MOSFETs are the best candidates) but you can use a pic microcontroller for this control, a example is PIC 16F877 (or other witn PWM) but you can do this with a PIC16F84 with the appropiate code, but the PIC16F877 you can variatel the voltege with a control signal using A/D Converter .

One Alternative for this control is based in op-amps for do a sawtooth wave generator with a comparator to make a PWM signal.

Other alternative is make a DC-AC converter, basically is the same circuit that in the DC-DC converter with H-Bridge.

In this web there are a lot of books of power electronics...Rashid and Mohan per example

I hope this can help you.

power electronic project ideas

u can design 1) spms charger i/p 230v o/p 28vdc at 6amp
55vdc at 6amp
2)650va square wave invertor
3) 650va sinewave invertor
4)low cost invertor for cfl & dc fan
5)scr controllrd battery charger
i can give u circuit daigram with component valu
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