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power bank voltage booster circuit

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Jan 4, 2023
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Can I use a 555 timer ic, to make a pcb of a power bank voltage booster circuit?
And pls if its possible explain and help with circuit diagram.
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For sure you can, but I - as a professional designer - would never do.
Why make things harder than necessary?
--> Just use a dedicated boost converter (IC). It comes with datasheet, schematic, useful features, detailed explanations, and you can be sure it works like expected.

If you do it with 555 you don't get all the benefits above. It's more likely to fail.

If you want more detailed informations, then you first need to give more informations: At least:
* input voltage range
* output voltage
* output current
* everything else that may be important for you (cost, size, efficiency, availability, part count, features like current limiter...)


Okay, the challenge here is my location. These components are not feasible as normal, how I get most of my electronics are from spoilt gadgets, imagine the stress.
I reside in Nigeria and would not just like to get help in accessing the new of these chips but also taking tutorials on pcb designs, microchips and all that. I don't know pls can u be of help?. I just stumbled on an article from this community while searching online for datasheets and think I can get help.

Power bank voltage booster is expected to achieve high efficiency, thus you want at least one MOSFET switch for the converter. 555 can be used as a poor mans pwm modulator (better have CMOS version of the chip), directly driving a logic level NMOS FET. You need to design an 5V output voltage control circuit in addition.

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