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Post Silicon Validation vs Manufacturing Test

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Nov 2, 2008
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Does anyone know if there's a difference between post silicon validation and manufacturing test? If yes, what are the differences? e.g. which comes first?

I'm asking this in the context of memory testing, but anyone with backgrounds in SoC/uProcessors/etc are highly welcomed to answer!

The reason for asking is because I want to know whether the BIST features are usually utilized during post silicon validation or during production or both...

Thanks in advance!

as far as I know for SoC devices these are 2 completely different things.

During production test, the general access to different part of the device is tested, the memory access, the clock frequency respond etc.

But silicon validations tests the whole functionality of the device as well as validation of it's signals for various standards.

For memory, i am not sure anyone does a silicon validation since the production test does mot of the work, except for long term and over the temperature range tests as well as radiation testing.

/Farhad Abdolian


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Hi Farhad,

Thanks for your reply!

So if I understand correctly, the difference between production test and post-silicon validation lies in their purpose.

The goal of post silicon validation is to stress the device under various set of conditions to see if we can break it (i.e. to determine how reliable the device is); Whereas, the main purpose of the production test is just to select the good dies for packaging and shipping to customers. So BIST is usually utilized during production, not post silicon validation.

Am I right?

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