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porting windows software to Linux OS

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Jul 18, 2001
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linux os have some tool called wine .some small eda can be run under linux OS

like red hat 8

use wine can use spice exploer windows version
or psim

but large tool is fail

wine psim.exe

why need porting windows eda to linux ? some eda tools like psim
simetrix orcad never provide linux . and windows OS is very very slow OS
if we use wine + psim under linux
will run fast than windowsXp

hspice I nevry try it
but psim spiceExplorer(as I know this tool look like also have linux version ???)

hspice ???
orcad ??
pspice ??
protel99 ??

What I wonder is, why OS matters (other than philsophical
or religious reasons). The job gets done regardless, I
bet that CAD tools running under Windows use every
VM trick they can think of and might behave poorly if
blind-ported (or running under emulation).

On the other hand samba networking and WinSCP
have made data transport a non-problem, and you
can get decent X emulators for PCs, so why not take
advantage of PC hardware cheapness, get one of
the eBay hard drives that come with a MS-Winxx
reinstall CD and rock it?


vmware or win4lin


crossOver look like commerical version wine .
why porting windows OS to linux

because someone test windows OS is poor
just like hspice run on windows OS
will slow than linux in the same case and the same CPU

but another problem is linux have multi user and sharing
I ever use vmware win4linux
but virtual OS can not share database , If I have the project use Orcad
and maybe we have 3 RD need access , in PC case each designer handle schematic , and these database is different in many PC

If orcad have linux platform ,every one can acces the same database
on linux network .

another issue is PC os is too slow than linux .

I think that EDA vandor had better provide linux+windows both platform
if small project or temprorary design maybe local designer can use
but , finally we need porting to linux and one one database be maintain .
we only backup linux HarddisK

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