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plz help me for my thesis.......

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Sep 14, 2009
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new delhi
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help me with my thesis

hi buddy,

plz help me to write my thesis on artificial dielectric.

Please provide some information? Any information whatsoever.

i hav done simulaton part and concept of the artificial dielectric. in artificial the metallic rod or disc is embeded on the dielectri to make a artificial dielectric. plz check out the paper attached.........

plz. help how to do the therotical calculations of split ring resonator and how the dimension of split ring resonator is calculated.

So what do you want? If you've done the simulation and concept, what is the problem? What do you need help with?

There's extensive literature out there regarding SRRs and I don't know what exactly you're asking about.

meta_artificial said:
hi buddy,

plz help me to write my thesis on artificial dielectric.

artificial dielectric Consist of metallic rod or disc is embeded on the air dielectri material

plz help me its urgent.........

you should please elaborate and BE POLITE, i think you are speaking about metamaterials, there is plenty information about that subject in the IEEEXplore there are many specialized journal about it, they are in english and you have to pay for them, but maybe i can get them for you.

Search for the specific articles you may need and ask for them in this thread, if i can i may upload the article for you to read.

Typically artificial dielectric refers to older literature, while metamaterial refers to newer literature. You're not being polite or listing what you actually want. Saying you want "literature about artificial dielectrics for helping your thesis" doesn't give anyone any information. Please be specific. Do you need the classic (decades old) literature? Do you need Smith/Pendry et al from the past 10 years? WHAT do you actually want?

Smith's group alone has around 35 publications from 2009 and 2008. It is impossible for me to send you all of them, let alone also all the papers by Pendry, Zheng, Engheta, Soukolis, Schurig, and everyone else.

I guess if you want the very, very basic/seminal papers I can list them here.

Added after 16 minutes:

Smith papers:
PRL 84, 4184 (2000) - first negative index metamaterial
Science, 292, 77 (2001) - experimental verification of negative index
Science, 308, 502 (2005) - Superlensing
Physical Review E, 71, 036617 (2005) - effective parameter retrieval
Science 312, 1780 (2006) - Transformation optics
Physical Review Letters 100, 024301 (2008) - Acoustic cloaking
Science, v. 314, p. 977, 2006 - cloaking demonstration

Those are the bare, bare minimum important papers just involving Smith. Go to their pages and look through the publications. Science is the biggest journal that publishes metamaterial-related stuff.
David Smith at Duke
**broken link removed**
Nader Engheta at U Penn
**broken link removed**
Xiang Zhang at UC Berkeley
David Schurig at NC State
**broken link removed**
John Pendry at Imperial College
George Eleftheriades at U. of Toronto
**broken link removed**
Willie Padilla at Boston College

These are some of the biggest metamaterial groups in the US and world. There's so much metamaterial literature out there that it's hard to even provide a base of knowledge without knowing specifically what you want info on. There are tons of papers relating to retrieving effective parameters (esp by Smith and one by Chen/Kong), papers about improving basic metamaterial elements like SRRs, papers about theory of waves in metamaterials, papers about applications like superlenses, papers about transformation optics theory, papers about applications of transformation optics, even papers about acoustic metamaterials/cloaking.

Please be more specific about what you want and what you're trying to do.

im sorry i guess this is off topic, can someone from india be that deficient in english? i mean in thesis work dont the universities require some knowledge of written english? im from south america and even to me he seemed rude or crude at least.

meta_artificial, to be clear, are you writing a thesis on metamaterials? If so, you really have no business doing so if you don't know anything about the seminal papers by Veselago, Pendry, Smith, Shelby, and others. Now, are you writing a thesis about metamaterials?

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