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please suggest me some books

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Oct 18, 2005
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Hi all '
we have a course named "Analog electronics" in our institute which basically deals with operatiional apmplifiers and their applications ....The textbook which we are asked to folllow is not can u plz suggest me a book which provides good concepts and also excellent practjce problems....Im giving the course outline so that u
can understsand the level of the course and suggest me the correct book....
Course Outlline:
Op-amp basics
Special purpose opamp circuits
non llinear opamp circuits
Signal sources & phase lock looop
voltage regulators
Ic power amplifiers
Tuned amplifers
Data convertefs -D/A and A/D
IC sensors and analog systems


i use always

electronic devices and circuits
its a BOGART book so i guess this guy had the right idea !!!!

here i use third edition
but i have seen later ones

it is the best book i ever had and after 10 years i still have it

and use it

very precice and worth the money
{new in 1990 in 95 was £3 about 6 euros second hand}

i get all my books from charity shops or student exchange services

very handy for written material interchange

youll need lots of books

the more the better

keep a collection for each room in your home as a varied field

One of the best books for op-amps is:
Design with operational amplifiers and analog integrated circuits

author : Sergio Franco

u can refer "op-amps and linear integrated circuits" by Ramakand Gaikwad

This is a great book on filters

Electronic Filter Design Handbook
by Arthur B. Williams, Fred J. Taylor, McGraw-Hill

# Publisher: Mcgraw-Hill (Tx); 3rd Bk&Dsk edition (July 1, 1995)
# Language: English
# ISBN: 0070704414

tom lee, design of cmos radio frequency integrated circuits

gray & meyer, analysis and design of analog integrated circuits

Analog Integrated Circuit Design - Johns and Martin.
This is a good for basics and it covers advanced topics like data converters.

i want to join the embedded system desinging course.please suggest me the good books which ease the problem before joining the course.And also tell me the future of embedded system and companies related to work in this field.

analog integrated circuit design-johns martin

principles of data conversion system design-behzad razavi

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