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Please give me some advise !!!

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Jan 9, 2007
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Viet Nam
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Dear all my friend
I come from Viet Nam.I am working for Renesas two weeks.Do you know Renesas?It is a big company in IC design.It's works includes Front end and Back end design.I myself refer to front end design.
But now I receive offer for a job wit Altera.I am sure all you know about Altera. My job at Altera will be System design(IP design). Altera has just builded a new design center in vietnam.It recuits some students and I am one of the first employee in Altera Viet Nam.
I am now really confused!
Please advise me something.
Thank in advance.

stay with Renesis

Altera: no doubt. Because, its a very good thing to get into a design centre at early stages. You will be given more responsbilities, so you will learn more. And IP design is something which is not only very interesting and challenging, but also high in demand.

I hade it.
When I have no Job, is hard to achieve one, but, just after take new one, happen lot of offers.


Stay at the place where u are. you have just started ur career......lot of things will come ur way...if u join the other compnay & ithen if u get offer from some other big u will be moving the whole of ur life.
so stick to the place


I think you need to explore in detail of your job functions.

If your current front end job is developing IP, then there is no point you move to Altera.

But if that is not the case, then you should consider Altera where they will offer you the chance to develop IP.

Working as a front end engineer is all about developing IP.

Another reason, if both company offer you the same job functions, then you should stick to your current company and develop your own skill. You can always move to Altera in the future. But if you leave Renesas and job Altera, then it is harder for you to work in Renesas in the future.

dont go anywhere u just stay with Renesas

If you are not satisfied with the work you are involved in, you may want to change to @ltera, but if you are getting good work, I would suggest you to stay with the Renesas.

if u r sure that u will get placed in vietnam, prefer Altera

thank you to all of you.
Allthough I haven't met you,talked to you.But you are my good friend.

Thank a lot

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