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planar inductor design on standard microstrip - help needed

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May 7, 2001
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Who have experience in planar inductor design on standard microstrip (not mmic) substrates?

Just inductors on standard silicon substrate ... what do you need exactly ?

Here is my problem. I need to design standard LC filter with use of etched inductors except of standard wire wounded or SMD. So, what is probably best SW pack for it and what is best design procedure. Is possible to simulate inductance directly or make resonator LC circuit with known capacitance and tune to expected resonant frequency?

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i'm just which frequency do you plan to use planar inductance? i assume that it has parasitic capacitance that cant be neglected not to mention low Q.

The design frequency around 150MHz

At 150MHz the shortest resonant element possible (shorted stub) will be 500mm long! This is not really practical on PC board, so I would stick to lumped components for this application.

However, If you do want to have a go, sonnet software are giving away a plannar only version of their software free.

You will always find that you have to 'tune'the prototype board from a 'perfect' simulated model. This can be achieved with a sharp knife (mind your fingers) and a piece of tinfoil on a stick as a moving 'patch'.

Hope this helps.

The problem with planar inductors in MS is that they have quite low Q. On G10 or FR4 PCB maximum is around 100 and very often less! Some times it is not enough for filter, specialy if it have to be sharp!
Best regards!

the way to do it is use small trin bloack ferrite inductor blocks and chip caps i used to work alll ot with ham radio gear and it would be better to use as low a power input filter and then driver the cleaner signal up so can be easy if you follow some rf gain block designs on ceramic

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