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PhotoDiode Amplifier Design

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Aug 13, 2001
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photodiode amplifier

Need some help on this subject. Thanks!

photodiode amplifiers

What do you want to know ?

photodiode amp

U'll found some apps note @ Bu*rrBrown (Texa*s In*stuments)...

amplifier photodiode

If you want to read something, take a look at this :

Photodiode amplifiers : op amp solutions / Jerald G. Graeme. - New York [u.a.] : McGraw Hill, 1996

On 2001-08-13 14:59, jk wrote:
If you want to read something, take a look at this :

Photodiode amplifiers : op amp solutions / Jerald G. Graeme. - New York [u.a.] : McGraw Hill, 1996

I have the book and it is really great, complete with almost all the information you can get about transimpedance amplifiers. Do you need any specific help ?

photodiode amplifiers: op amp solutions

I've heard about the book. But the problem is that it will take at least a month for me to get the book from Mcgraw-Hill since I'm living in Japan.
I'm trying to develop an optical sensor in which changes of optical intensity will be detected by the photo diode. Since the photodiode current is very small I need to design a current to voltage converter and an amplifier for that purpose. I know how to do that (the circuits) but I need to know the parameters and other details about designing a good photodiode amplifier.

photodiode amplifiers op amp solutions

define "small" concerning the input current range : nA, pA ...
what SNR do you like to get ?

photodiode amplifier design

oh and 3db-frequency would be useful to get an overview of your needs ...

photodiode amplifiers jerald rapidshare

On 2001-08-14 13:26, hwswboy wrote:
Look this TI app note:

Another very nice paper on the subject. Take a look at it and please tell us more about your problem. Are you sensing reflections or direct light ?? Do you need to reject ambient light ? Is the light source modulated ? At wich frequency ?

Please be more specific and we might be able to help you more..

Best regards,

ampli photodiode

Here's the problem. I need to construct three photodiode amplifiers that will amplify the refrected (not reflected) lights from three LEDs driven at 500, 1000, 2000 Hz. I don't need to reject the ambient lights cause the PD will be encased in a dark casing. The current is in uA (micro amps)range. The upper and lower 3dB frequencies should be as close to the center frequency as possible.

photodiode amplifiers: op-amp solutions

That should be pretty easy to do. Take a look at the ap note, breadboard it and ask us if things do not go as you want. The application note should have all that you need.

photodiodes amplifiers

Check out they have some integrated photodiode/amp sensors that I have used successfully in some designs.

checking photodiode

HI ,

photodiode amplifiers: op-amp solution

how is that book downloadable from rapidhshare ?


photodiode amplifer

check this book it will help you i guess
page 4.39


I also need help in designing a photodiode amplifier as I am a beginner. The photodiode amplifier must have a broad dynamic range.

I am really lost on how to proceed. I dont know what gain the amplifier should have.

Please help.

Thanks in advance.

fotodiode amplifier

Check following website under Articles, you will find a nice article that explains the optical circuits

does any have hints for the pcb design of photodiode ampifier ?

xxtigerxx said:
does any have hints for the pcb design of photodiode ampifier ?
Suppose, we arbitrarily divide the photodiode amps into two categories: (1) those with dominant requirements for bandwidth and (2) those with dominant requirements for low noise. Which one are you building?

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