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PCI card Design? How?

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May 17, 2002
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pci card design

What is the simplest and cost effective way to design a PCI card ?
I do not know how to write a driver for PCI at now and I need a design that its driver be ready.

design pci card

you can use software that prepare the driver like jungo softwares.

they are very simple, and you hardly need any experience in programming.

jungo driver dma problem

I have designed a board with PLX9050 ( I think there is a new IC now in ), and the only thing you must do is to program an E2PROM to configure the internal registers.
In veribest2000 (and I suppose that in WG2000.5 too) there is a PCI seed design, so you don't have to draw the board, the pads...

It simpler than it seems.

PM me if you have any question.

pci design

Look AMCC too. Its another chip manufacturer that is specialize in PCI bridge and ....
I think they have their own driver but im not sure ... verify yourself :)


pci 9052 design

this are old chips, and are not compliant to standard.

you can also see galileo chips on

this are good and simple chips.


Are you sure that products from AMCC are not compatible with standard?
Is PLXTECH compatible with standard?
Is there any bug in 9050 chips from PLX?

I cannot find Marvell PCI chips for parallel I/O and data aquisition. :cry:

pci hw i/o pci9052

To RTOS51:

If you want to use PCI-9050. My suggestion is to use PCI-9052 in PCI design. PCI-9050 has one bug sometimes when met Phonix BIOS..
But for CompactPCI, you should use PCI-9050.. It seems that timing problem appeared in PCI-9052 under CompactPCI, but I am not sure just met.

Also, PCI-9050/9052 are PCI target. And AMCC are PCI master. But I don't know that newest of AMCC supports Scatter-Gather ?? AMC-5933 doesn't support that.

After all, my favoriate PCI target is PCI-9030. I didn't see any problem yet.

pci card designer

i have no idea, we use ICH of intel , pci interface.

pci card pci bridge chip

This is code PCI which is written by VHDL you can consider. It is useful for you
howto pci card design electronics

But it's dutch language... have you english versione ?

pci9052 problem

**broken link removed**

What software will you use for layout of the PCI card?

design pci

Hello 7rots51,

There are some questions you have to think about it.

1. Do you need only a target or a master (with DMA for high speed data transmission), what your desired speed of data transmission?
2. Do you want to use an ASIC or an FPGA with a PCI-Core?
3. What is the desired application?
4. Which components do you need beside the PCI-Controller, for example a uC?
5. Do want to make a mass production or only some prototypes?
6. Should the hardware be used in a standard PC with the normal PCI-Interface or do want a hardware with CompactPCI-Interface?


You must study PCI Specification first.
The last Version is 3.0, you can download it from

Hi all:

I have the same problem.I have built an ADC/DAC ISA card and now I'm trying to rebuild it for PCI.My card uses Interrupt.I want to use PCI9052 or pc87200 0r any other possible chip.I can not find any information for PIC9052(pins,configuration.examples....).For pc87200 there is a seial_INT pin that I do not know where to connect! Any information or comment is appreciated.



Are the VHDL source code (uploaded in this page) for PCI core version 2.1?

Download datasheet of either PCI 2.0 or 3.0. Then study the configuration and each srandard PCI finger assignements. There are 120 pins in PCI and each have its designated assignments.

You may also need a PCI bridge to interface different peripherals. My suggestion is to use PCI 6152 (PCI bridge).


I wanna develop a PCI card using PCI 9052,we purchased a RDK from PLX,since we are the beginners in th field,initially I m trying to glow an LED.for that what im supposed to do ,help me

Thank you

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