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PCB, schematics and other documents for AVR JTAG emulator

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Dec 31, 1999
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Hi all!
Anyone know anything about building your own JTAG-emulator for AVR?
I found the schematics, but there should be some firmware involved as well...




Jaannee said:
Hi all!
Anyone know anything about building your own JTAG-emulator for AVR?
I found the schematics, but there should be some firmware involved as well...



AVR's low-cost JTAGICE is using Mega163.
Could anyone post AVR's JTAGICE firmware?

avr studio 3.53

Can any of U can post schematics U found ?

avr jtag ice firmware

There firware is pleaced in AVR Studio

ebn to hex

The firmware in studio is the code without the bootloader.

What one should do is first load the studio bootloader which is the one that Atmel describes in an Application note (I think AN910) and then download the code that is given in studio.

avr jtag firmware

I´m quite new to AVR so I haven´t read all AN:s yet...
The problem is that I don´t know if the schematic is for AVR or ARM... There is no information about that in the schematics.

There are two processors, one AT90S1200 and one AT90S8535.
The 1200 is sitting between the D-sub and the ISP-port of the 8535 so the bootloader idea should work if it is made for the 1200?

And about sharing, I dont´t know if elektroda likes that? There is nothing in the schematics stating anything about copyright or so...

What do you think?


avr evertool

I think you could post it, if there is no copyright in the schematic.


jtag clone pdf

I suggest to discuss the AVR JTAG operation

atmega16 7.3728

I can't understand why the schematics are so complex. If someone opens the ICE provided by Atmel one will see that the circuit is very small. Apart from this the ICE contains the ATmega163 which is bootloadable and that is why I refered to the bootloader.
These schematics must be an older or a newer(?) version of the ICE.
If I am not wrong in my understanding, then one must place the the software of the AT90S1200 that is on the stk500 board on this AT90S1200 and then download through a serial cable the upgrade ICE code on the AT90S8535. This must be the way things work on these schematics.
Although they are more complex, most probably they are more generic, which means that even if you don't have the ATmega163 you can work with another processor like the AT90S8535.

I hope I have helped you guys.


But I only got my hands on the different AN:s and the schematic I allready had before the password was changed. I hope there wasn´t any hex-file that´s not included in AVR-Studio...
Still, I do wonder which of the AVR:s that is programmed?
And why do they have two? One of the AN:s said that the ICE was merely an interface.

Suggestions or knowledge?

Thanks anyway!


jtagice schematic

Sorry Admiral, I was writing my reply and didn´t see yours...

I have never opened an ICE so I dont know how it looks like in real life... But my previous question is still valid, is this schematic for the ARM perhaps?


evertool light

In my opinion NO. It is positively for the AVR. The only thing here is to find and program the code of the AT90S1200 and thats it. The AT90S8535, 163 etc. will be handled from Studio if my assumptions are right.

Good Luck.

at90s2313 ice clone

Anyone have tested it?

upgrade.hex avr

Does anybody knows what is INSIDE AT90S1200 in JTAG_ICE ?

hex jtag avr

JTAG inside.

avr miniice

I have full scematic of JTAG_ICE but there are 2 micros:

1 - AT90S1200
2 - ATMega16L (originaly AT90S8535)

I think "inside" 2nd micro is a program from *.ebn file but what a program is inside the 1st micro ???

I think this 1st micro is only for InCircuit programming of the 2nd micro.

Russian doc included with JTAG_ICE schematic says:
- it is better to use ATMega16L than AT90S8535
- we can remove AT90S1200 and use any programmer to load *.ebn file into ATMega16L.

avr jtag crystal


has anyone tried to rebild the Atmel JTAGICE and get it working?

jtag avr schematic


I think *.ebn is not a good firmware code,maybe ebn have be encrypt.

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