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PCB Layout - Beginner help

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Jan 29, 2013
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Hi all,
I'm completely new to PCB simulation and I have Allegro physical viewer with me.Now,I won't be doing the complete pcb layout but I'll be studying & analyzing PCB simulation(with .brd files in physical viewer).
And since I neither have the expertise nor the software to actually design/generate .brd files I need sample .brd files to start with until I can move on to a complex phase in my learning process.(And try as I might, I couldn't find simple .brd files by googling.)
I want the simplest of .brd/.dpf that a novice like me could understand. Is there anyone out there who could provide me with the required resources?
Thanks in advance.


I get this error when i try to load it in allegro physical viewer
You are trying to open an Eagle brd file in Allegro Viewer. That will hardly work.
So is there anyway to convert between the 2 formats so that I can view them in allegro?

That's not possible. The Allegro PCB tool (not the free viewer) has limited capabilities to import some foreign formats, but surely not Eagle.

Ok.. I finally got a couple of board files that works on Allegro. But now I've another question, what are the different aspects of pcb design should I know about if I'm going to be using the viewer alone?
(Note: I'm not going to do the actual pcb design So I don't need the whole editor/designer tutorial. )
Is there an viewer-only tutorial?

The Allegro viewer is fairly self explanatory for people with basic PCB design experience, I think. I managed to navigate through complex designs without having worked with Allegro before. I guess there's no specific viewer tutorial, you should have noticed the viewer pdf manual.
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