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Password+problem solutions+A.Antoniou DSP book

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Aug 17, 2009
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digital signal processing antoniou

Hi everyone,
I am urgently looking for the problems solutions from the A.Antoniou's "Digital Signal Processing: Signals, Systems and Filters". Solutions are available at his webpage **broken link removed** , but they are secured with password. Password can be obtained by university teachers by filling the form and submitting it to the author. Unfortunately, I am not a university teacher so I cannot get the password. I need those solutions to understand some of the things from his book, I am not a student who wants that to have easy exam.

Maybe someone of you have that password? I would be grateful for help


+antoniou +solutions manual

Contact the professor.
dsp+solution problem

I already did that, he submitted the form to prof. Antoniou and we are waiting. On the other hand I am not at university any more so they are not so eager to check my solutions, there are too many tasks :( so what I can do is wait. That's why I posted my message here, I thought that maybe somebody has encountered that problem before and have that password :)


dsp problem solutions

Hi for all your advices, i just managed to get the password from prof. Antoniou after a week's waiting :)


Could you please send me the password to my email? It's It would be so helpful, I'm taking DSP right now and would like the solutions to help accompany me so I can do well in my class. Thanks!


there is a problem, it wasn't me who got the password but one of the lecturers I asked to request for it. He printed the solutions for me so I have them only in paper copy :( he said he was obliged by professor not to give the password away so he wanted to be sure that the password stays secret... when I get the access to the scanner I will try to scan it and put it somewhere for you... I am sorry, I cannot do anything more about that

Sorry to disturb you.
Actually for the last 6 days I am trying to break the password for the solution manual.But unfortunately I can't

It would be very helpful to me if you could send me the scan doc at always.asif at gmail.
I am in badly need for it.

Please .....Please.......

Thanks for your cooperation .


If you want the solutions manual contact the professor. He'll then determine if you should have the solutions manual.
I don't think students should be given access to the solutions manual. Only practicing engineers or people who are "self-learning".
You students who are requesting the solutions manual should, just do the homework like the thousands of engineers that came before you.
Communications_Engineer I doubt you are a student. Just contact the professor & he'll give you the manual. Took me < 2 days to get the password.

Dear Sir,
Thanks for the reply.
I have little objection on your comment. Having Solution manual doesn't mean that we overlook the home work. May be after few days the Author will publish the Manual for the students like others well known books and solutions in DSP.

Solution manual helps us to identify whether you are on the right path or not and it clears the concept as well when we truly go through the exercise.

I have not asked for the solution manual to course teacher. May be he will not allow to provide us on the ethical background as it’s only for the instructor. (As the Author provide him the password on that sense)

By the way please don't suspect me, surely I am student of Master's doing Major on Wireless communication.
I have searched it on other websites; some of them say they have the solution manual but asked for money. I can pay them but I am not sure whether they have exact solution manual or not. May be its just wastage of money.
That’s why I request you to provide me as I know that you have genuine solution.
Once again I request to send it.
I can promise you that I will only use it for my ownself.



I have the password to the solutions manual, but out of respect of Dr. Antoniou I will not give it out. He asked specifically that I don't.

I suggest you plead your case to him or your current course instructor.

I understand that you may use it only as a guide, but I don't believe that most people on this board who ask for solutions manual have the same noble intentions.

I understand you.

Do you think Dr Antoniou will agree if I made a personal request to him.

Ok I will try and lets take a chance.

But it would very glad if you atleast send me the scan copy of it.(always.asif at gmail)

Thanks for long conversation and considering my request.


I have got some solutions for some chapters....if u need any let me know...and guys make sure u give them to is always nice to help mates who are in need
I have got some solutions for some chapters....if u need any let me know...and guys make sure u give them to is always nice to help mates who are in need

Hello romarioo
Please send me whatever you have as far as solutions to the end of chapter. I would be very greatful. My email is fueg1812 at


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