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Panasonic NV-DS30 digital camcorder

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Aug 14, 2007
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panasonic nv-ds30

Hi all. I have a problem with my Panasonic camcorder. When powered up the power LED flashes twice and then pauses for a second and then flashes twice again. This sequence repeats itself whilst the camera is powered up. The camera will not play,record, rewind or fast forward. On ocassions it has started to work once a tape is inserted, but it seems to damage the tape. The loading mech. makes alot of noise whilst the camera is not working, as if the tape has not been properly loaded. Many thanks for any help:cry:

panasonic nv-ds30 not working

The two flashes indicates an "S" reel lock (not turning) but not necessarily jammed.
If you pop the base cover off (several screws involved) you should see several ribbon strip connectors. They are notorious for developing poor connection. Some people just move them in & out a few times & it fixes their problem. I like to unplug them & clean them with IPA (isopropyl Alcohol) & plug them back in. Fixes the problem 99% of the time.
Hope this helps.

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panasonic ds30

I have the same problem. Couldn't pop the bottom cover off, but got the cover on the side opposite the screen off and re-inserted all the ribbon connections. Unfortunately this has not resolved. Maybe I really do need to remove the bottom cover but I can't see how.
Can anyone advise which the "S" reel is? IS it the one near the front?
Many thanks

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OK, I have found another posting on this site with pictures labeling S and T reels. (Just search for nv-DS30" ( )

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Sorry - don't use forums much so not sure how to get the url in properly. Here is anotherattempt **broken link removed**
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