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orcad 9.1 and pspice component creation

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Jun 1, 2001
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can somebody help ? does anyone know how to create a newq library with a manufacturer component model or a model provded by magnetic designer? does a tutorial exist ?

i've tried the model editor but it look very difficult to use, when i use the file menu option : generate part or something else ... and if i use the resulting olb file under capture, when simulating it says that there is no model or something else...

so my question is : how to add new models for simultation and for use in capture ? (ie symbol creation, model attachement etc ???)

thanks for any kind of help .

pspice symbol creation

hi !

yust try clicking on one part (e.g. an opamp) -> then -- edit -- PSpice Model -> and there you are.

Here you can simply create a new lib, or add a new device (it works the same way like creating a new part or symbol)

pspice model editor 9.1

Yes,that's right.Take a look at
<**broken link removed** > , <**broken link removed** >or others components manufaturers web site to download what you want.

component creation pspice

Mmmm... I am going to try to do this from memory here.

You need to first create a symbol. That should be the easy part. Draw one up and save it into your new library. I am assuming you already have the model in txt file. You should be able to bring down a menu from the toolbar that said edit model. It should come up with a blank editor type of window. Cut and paste your model into it. This only puts the txt model into the right place. Now we have to connect the model to the symbol. This is done by editing the attribute. I think it is the model template you need to edit. That should link up with the model itself.

As some other users mentioned before, you should bring in a already done model and take a good look at how it is done. Then modify it and save it under different name (or library). If you are not sure, backup your old library first. That is how I figure it out in the first place.

Good luck


creazione componente pspice

I'm Having the same problem but it another way...i dont find some chops i use in the library and at the same time i cannt creat them because i dont know thier models..can someone help me?
the parts are TDA8771 and there any place i can get thier model from it?..just give me any suggestion

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