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Object Move Detection In A certain place Such as a House

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Dec 2, 2005
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Any One Have idea about how to detect whether a certain object is moving in a determined place such as a House ,Or not?

First I Want To just detect whether it is moving or not
no matter what the object type or size or speed ,etc

As a safety alarm in a Houses when their owners are absent or far away from their house or factory ..
Just if any one enters the building illegally his motion is detected and a certain event then is triggered.

your ideas , thanks

I would use a ultrasonic detector.


yousif, why not use standard IR motion sensors? The technolodgy has been around for years. If you want to get more sophisticated than that you'd probably want to go using cmos cameras. They work in low or no light in the near IR range, 'lighting' for the camera is invisible to the human eye using just LED's although range is limited in total blackout condition as NearIR light sources aren't common. You'd feed the output of the camera into a PC and use image processing software to do the rest. There are products on the market now that will do simple object tracking, however interfacing it for your intentions may be a bit difficult.

You can use PIR sensor with fresnel lenz. Please let me know if you have further questions.

Clever thief can wear a special suit which does not pass IR - so they go undetected. Such suites are proposed to be a standard for NATO forces.

I have also heard from guy who served on border that weared polietylen plastic stretch helps pass night vision systems.
PIR are sensitivie to light and could give a false detections .
And PIR sensors is widest used motion detection sensors .

Others types could be optical cross detection , camera based supervision , capacitance based systems, and of course - sometimes simple mechanical switch can give much better results)

Search forum - there were few discussions on subject could help you .

Added after 4 minutes:

This book can help you

IR sensors many times produces noise.

You can use Optical flow in image processing

I would consider multiple redundant detection. Yes, there is noise in IR, and ultra sonic has its problems, as does using motion sense with a camera, but used together you should be able to do it reliably. The idea of mechanical, magnetic / reed switches on doors and window also sounds very good.
There was a book posted here somewhere, on alarm systems. Just do a search of the board and you should be able to find it easy. Ah, perhaps not. I think it was called Intruder Alarm or something similar.

You might want to check out the QT116, or QT110 sensors from
Scroll down the page until you find them. They are listed as touch sensors, but they measure capacitance. The 116 is used as a light controller (when a person is within a few feet a light turns on.)

use sonar it give a good result

i am looking a device that mostly seen on the lifts door that open when a person entering in the lift

infrared is installed in a kiosk. when someone is infront of the infrared beam the software should detect the beam interruption, it should detect that someone is infront of the kiosk and raise an event...and i want to control this device from Visual Basic is this possible

waiting for the reply

thank u

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