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Not power environment!

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Feb 6, 2006
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Hi all friends!

I'm having a problem with my project to solve a thorny problem. I used AVR MCU is Mega8535, interfacing with a SHT71, DS1307, EEprom 24c16, RS485, NE555.
And it's used to at not power environment. I've to used batteries (6V-AAA) to supply power for it, but it's run for only 4 days. :|

Anybody has any idea to help me!!!??? :idea:

I'm very thanks!!! :D

measure the tolat current consumption of the circuit and choose battery according to the current consumption.And one more famous tip is push ur micro controller to power down mode whenever it is ideal so as to icrease the battery life
if you have done this pls reply we shall think of the alternate


Its very simple !. Connect all VCC line of the support chips to I/O line of the processor and only power them when you need them !. This will reduce standby power consumption by 95% !. Next, have your CPU sleep when ever possible and lower your clock frequency when possible.

The best way to reduce current consumption is to lower idle current !. Than you can make your system work for years.


First of all, I want to say very very thanks to all friends. with my project, I've used to MCU into the Powerdown mode and connect all IC's pin VCC with only I/O pin of MCU AVR but the battery's only used for 5 days then die...

Could anybody help me to do this!?!

Thanks for your help!!!


Post a schematic... Your draining the batteries but you do not know how :).
If You put the MCU to sleep make sure all I/O pins that power the external Chips are also low (switched off)

We need the schematic as PDF or gif but not some schematic format..

Maybe you should print it as a post stamp ??.. I can't read microtext that well..

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