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"NO DISPLAY" message on PC monitor.

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Feb 13, 2013
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My P.C. is showing "NO DISPLAY" message. :-(
I have checked the PSU(power supply unit) & it is working fine i.e. o/p voltages are ok.
Also checked my RAM and VGA cable on my friends computer and both are working fine.
My monitor is also working good.(Checked it on another CPU)
No external graphics card is installed on my motherboard.

Is there any problem with the BGA chip(AMD 215RVA6BVA11FG)? If yes, h Motherboard Pic 3.JPGMotherboard Pic 1.jpgow to find out a faulty BGA chip?
If no, what are the other possibities for this type of problem?

Can any one help me? :???:


1. DO NOT SWITCH ON with the heat sink removed - you get about 10 seconds before the BGA is killed if it has no heat sink attached.
2. Does the computer appear to be functioning apart from the video? Do the keyboard LEDs toggle when the Num Lock and Caps Lock keys are pressed?
3. It is possible the internal video is disabled in the BIOS but obviously you can't see the screen to check. Look for a jumper, usually near the battery (behind the blue socket) marked "CMOS Clear", move it to the other position for a few second then move it back. This should wipe any configuration settings and restore the default ones.

If the BGA has died, and if the rest of the PC seems to be working, I wouldn't recommend you try changing it. The chances are you won't be able to get a new one anyway but even if you did, special equipment is needed to remove and replace it. It isn't something you can do at home. It would be far more sensible to plug a new video card into the slot and use that instead. If that gets it working, change the BIOS settings so the internal video is disabled, this will also probably release quite a lot of memory back for program use.


Thanks for the reply.
It seems that the computer is working fine apart from the display.
I start the mains supply & then press the Power ON switch on CPU & following things happen:-
a) I hear no beep sound which is usually heard (once) when we press the Power ON switch on the CPU.
b) I can see the fans running including the processor fan.

I haven't checked the keyboard LED's. May be i'll find out this too.
I will try your 3rd point & see if it works??

But incase it doesn't works then i will have to install a new video card & check it out as there are very less chances of a successful replacement of a new BGA chip.
How much is the approx cost for a new video card??
Should i go for a new video card or a new motherboard??

Amit A.

No beep may mean it is completely dead! It needs some functionality to be able to make the beep! The keyboard LEDs is a good check because they are not operated by the keyboard itself, the keys send commands to the main processor which then sends conmmands back to operate the LEDs. If the main processor is dead, the LEDs wont go on and off.

Not knowing where inthe World you are it's difficult to suggest any prices. If you get a new motherboard you are sure everything will work but usually they cost more than just a low level video card. There is a possibility that a dead BGA may have other effects on the motherboard so even if adding a new video card made it work again, you could have other problems in the future. Even if it isn't producing video it may still be trying to talk to other circuits on the board.

Personally, I would go for another motherboard to be sure the problem is completely removed. If you are using Windows you will have to re-activate it, even if you are using the same installation on the same hard disk. If you use Linux you should find it installs without any problems.


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