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Network Engineer and UNIX/LINUX

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Jan 19, 2006
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I am thinking to do my future job as network engineer.. so I would like to know that how much linux/unix knowledge i will require. I been using Linux for 2 years now know some commands and have little experince programmign in linux.. but Once i saw one PEng solving error for my code and I was so suprised the way he use linux and do troubleshooting with it.. so pls let me knw to start as entry level postion how much linux /unix knowledge i should have.. i knw i need to knw about protocls and network tropologeis but thats all i belive book knolwedge.....

It's a dead end job. Don't think about it

What, network engeneering is a dead end???

I am currently working for a telecom organization and let me tell you, i am learning linux now. If you work in a IT area and see servers you will need linux and unix and solaris to work properly.

Servers are a big part of a network, the way i see it, you should know about servers, services, protocols, switching, routing and of course and where i want o be... security...

I think the way to get to security is to know the other topics very well...

I really dont think networking is a dead end though is getting harder but there is still job to do here, specailly at the IT part of networks.

well it is a rewarding field
but u have to develop strong base to go ahead for e.g start with TCP/Ip and complete it to the end.
than u cant start thinking on what side u would lik to select Network Security or Administration
Use tools to make analysis the more u know the better ull be able to analyze problems

Right now I am learning about different types of protocols such as RIP,OSPF, TCP,IP, ICMP etc. and getting deeper understanding of them and how they work.. I think this is very challengin field... and I would like to work in security... thnx a lot for you respond.. will like to see more ppl responds...:D

security is surelly the goal for me too..

I am learning OS systems now, i have some network knowledge but i have to get to know more about networking itself, after i master servers and OS... the go up one step to security...

Any of you guys know any good post graduated studies, any college or universities in mind that are good on TI and networking. Maybe we can make an interest group or something like that to share knowledge and advise... since there is not a netsorking part in this forum... I have also the idea to make my own Forum for TI and networking... What do you think, i surely would need some help with that...

I like to become linux network engineer.anybody has good networking linux books?pls send some good ebooks to email id send to mme.
N.Harie Prakash

does anybody know good courses/books about it?

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