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Need some basic AT89C51 projects

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Jan 18, 2006
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at89c51 projects

I'm learning to write code for AT89C51 microcontroller. I have this habit of learning by examples. Can someone please help me get some complete projects as to how to wire up the hardware and write code for the uController in a step by step manner? Please Help.


By doing experiments on 89C51 you will learn soon. I suggest you to code for DTMF decoder. Use LCD module for this.


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at89c51 based projects

For the first time i'd suggest:

1. switch the led to on/of (better use 8 led so you can use each pin in 1 port) using your microcontroller
2. use the interrupt to control the led (the led will run automaticly)
3. use timer to control the speed of your led
4. try using LCD (there's a nice tutorial at

That's it about the i/o. Most of my project using I/O so i decided to make a good basic, after that you can try the serial and maybe some motor using PWM

at89c51 microcontroller projects

Can you please guide me in this regard please? I don't know where to start and where to start... Please Help...

Added after 4 minutes:

I mean... is there any site where you are taught how to write code for real time projects... that is...why you are writing that line or explain the problem first in an algorithmic fashion and then solve the problem...


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projects using at89c51

First maybe you need the tutorial....
Go to there's a good tutorial how to coding there.
I suggest you to use AT89S52 that include timer2 and ISP so you can program it easily using serial/parallel port.
There's a lot of schematics and program to burn your mcs. Currently i'm using this:
**broken link removed**

Happy learning, hope this help you

Best Regards

microcontroller at89c51 projects

The book 8051 by Mazidi is a good resource you can find many practical examples with complete description in it.


hi ALL
i strongly recommend a book called: Embedded C by Michael J. Pont
it is so easy and suitable for beginners specialy who have a little experience in c programming. it fulled by examples.( from turn on led to creat your own operating system)
it use the 8051 µc and the ke*il software.
it is great for beginners.
here is its link:

hope u enjoy with µc world.
good luck


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digital clock using at89c51

hey dude just read majidi and majidi

youll be doing fine

at89c51 rgb pwm


look for "8051 bible" in this board



the book from which i have learned is "the 8051 microcontroller by kenneth j ayala.
I would like to suggest u to learn things in C or basic rather then asm, but first start with asm that ill give u good hold. for C u can use keil, sdcc, etc


i recommended you to read the book 8051 microcontroller by scott mackenze

microcontroller at89c51 basic

i want to know between assamby and c what good to study

keil c programs at89c51

8051 is easy to program. I suggest keil in order to program 8051. I has a lots of examples.

data logger at89c51

i suggest you to use C language rather than asm. Because it's easier to learn. If you want to learn uC 8051, i think you can make digital clock. In the digital clock you will learn how to use I/O PORT in 8051, timer interupt and C-language. It's the basic project that you can make. You can use keil-C for it.

how to write at89c2051 program in keil

you may visit this site **broken link removed**

at89s51 projects by using microcontroller

For the first time i suggest:

1. toggle LED using your microcontroller
2. use the interrupt to control the led
3. use timer to control the brightness of your led
4. try using LCD

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